Thursday, 9 January 2014

Announcement: Dressale Giveaway CANCELLED

Hey there guys, I am sorry to say that I will be closing my Dressale giveaway. No winners will be selected because I have reasons to believe that the website is not legit and I do not want to any of you to be scammed by them!

This was all triggered by an email I received today from Dressale wanting my to host a giveaway for them; but I'm already hosting one! I decided to google things such as "is dressale legit" and "dressale giveaway blog scam" and came across this post along with lots of reviews saying is a scam. I wish I'd done some more research before agreeing to host the giveaway :(

I also noticed that a lot of bloggers like myself have also hosted the same $30 coupon giveaway, so I tried to find some posts by 'winners' about what they spent their $30 on. Another thing I tried to find out was if anybody had done a haul from Dressale. Guess what? I didn't find any. But I did find this...

Screenshot of

There are also a number of negative reviews on review sites but they're mixed with positive ones (probably written by Dressale themselves) which makes the site seem more hit-and-miss than a scam; so to see a Facebook page with people complaining about their experience with the company really says a lot of them.

I've learnt my lesson so any bloggers out there who are getting sponsorship emails; research the company first!

On a lighter note, I guess one good thing out of this event is that I'm going to be hosting my personal giveaway sooner. It was my blogivesary a few days ago and I was going to start a giveaway for that after this Dressale one had ended. Well, it's now ended!

To those of you who have wasted your time entered this giveaway, I am really sorry but I will make it up to you in my next one!  Extra entries maybe hehee~

Keep your eyes peeled for my future (legit) giveaway post ;D


  1. livingbelowtheclouds9 January 2014 at 20:10

    Yours is the 4th blog I read complaining about this. They really are a scam. I hope nobody buys anything from their website, because I bet they don't send the dresses

  2. This site has been emailing me non-stop asking me to host the giveaway with them, sending me the exact same email each time. I've ignored it each time because I know this site hasn't got good reviews.

  3. I bet we got the exact same email!

  4. Thanks for the information! I already hosted one too T_T) anw mind to followback GFC?^^ Thanks <3

  5. i received from them at least 20 emails to do the same giveaway and share the post. they own me 60usd and dress for the winner. i gave them many questions before i started giveaway and they promissed that the winner of MY giveaway will receive dress for sure. after giveaway they wrote something completely different, that they will chose the winner by themselves. they tricked me. they trocked hundreds of my followers. this is horrible. i knew that they are not tristwrorth company, but i thought that they changed the marketing of this pseudoeshop. i will write this warning post also on my social pages.

  6. That happened with me. I hosted an giveaway and when it ended, they didn't give me the name of the winner because the giveaway was the same for everyone and there was just one winner that was announced on their website. A scam!

  7. I received the same emails too!!!! I hosted the giveaway and 3 days later they were asking the winners name. I was like, what?, so soon?!!. And my winners received the code. And guess what !!?... It could not be used!!!! they had to make a $200 purchase to be able to use the $30!!
    I'm so mad about this!! Dressale didn't answer my emails.
    And now I am receiving those giveaway emails.....AGAIN!!

  8. owh yesh! i hosted the giveaway and i felt distraught when i realized that they themselves choose the winner instead of me! and maybe they even made up a winner's email to trick people in participating more of their giveaways~ and now i recently got one email asking me to do a wishlist and if i have more than 100 clicks to their link they sponsor all my wishlist clothes~ i don't think any site would be that generous to sponsor USD 400 worth of clothes to you and i haven't seen any bloggers reviewing their clothes out as a sponsorship thingy~ makes me even suspicious, so i googled up and saw your website and i'm so pleased! i deleted my wishlist post and never ! am i going to collaborate with them agaiN! their 30$ coupon is worthless, all their item are above 30$ (includes postage)
    watch out bloggers, don't fall into their scam

  9. So sorry about this! I was contacted by dressale too, but something seemed fishy about their email so I left it at that. I'm so glad you decided to post about this; we bloggers have to look out for each other in the blogosphere! Anyway, I'm glad you sound so positive and this hasn't hit you too hard.

  10. Thanks for the info..please follow me back thanks :)

  11. Silvester Crichton3 July 2014 at 08:09

    What is the deal with these sites? Such as How are these dresses priced so low? I'm just wondering if theres a catch. Has anyone ever ordered

    from a site like this?


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