Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer Review

Helloooo 2014! New year, new layout! *sorry if my blog looks a bit off. This may be an ongoing process*

Hope everyone had a great time during the holiday period. Getting back on topic, today I bring to you my review on the Rimmel Apocalips as promised in my previous post.

The shades I own are "Luna" and "Across The Universe".

The applicator

Bare Lips.

Off topic but does anybody else find it awkward when taking pictures of your lips?


 Across The Universe

Full face shot of Luna (minus one eye because was bloodshot at the time)

Face shot of Across The Universe

These lip laquers have received a lot of hype since their release because of the pigmentation of the product; and I agree! I've had the problem of nudy colours not showing up on my lips however the shade Luna has covered them pretty well. What I don't agree with is the lasting power people claim the product has but this maybe because I might be sipping more water than others. Plus I like to eat. The applicator is another thing I am not too fond of; the doe foot has a little 'dip' which collects product, a little too much for my liking that I tend to use the other side of the applicator. One final complaint is that I feel it takes slightly more effort to keep the colour within my lips than other products on the market. It may seem that there are more negatives than positives but I am a fan of the product. These lippies do not dry out my already very dry lips which is something I always look in a lip product.


The Good
~ Amazing colour payoff
~ Does not dry out my lips
~ The names of the different shades are pretty cool!
~ Affordable (£5.99 but it's easy to find it on offer)

The Bad
~ Application can get messy (maybe use a lip liner first?)
~ Wished it had moisturizing properties and smoothed flaky lips
~ Average staying power

All I look for in a lip product are the colour payoff and the hope it doesn't emphasis my desert-like lips and these lippies tick the box! The Rimmel Apocalips is a good product and I feel every lip junkie should give them a chance.

Hope this review helps and it was enjoyable to read. I believe this is my first lip product review so feedback and tips would be greatly appreciated! As much of a lipstick hoarder I am, they aren't my forte because it's only recently I've became interested in them so I am still exploring.

Thanks for reading! What's your favourite lippie :) ?

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  1. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I've seen this around, but haven't really picked it up, but seeing your review makes me want to try it! Both of the colors you have are so pretty! >u<
    Thanks for the review, Jing-Jing!
    (Also, loving the header!)

  2. your nude lips are amazing, look smooth, soft and pink :)

    great review Jing-Jing, both of them look so pretty :)

  3. ClothesandCamera10 January 2014 at 20:12

    Both colours look great but I prefer the light one on you :) I´ve heard about this product a lot but never tried it myself :)

  4. ClothesandCamera18 January 2014 at 15:20

    These shades look so amazing! Great product :)


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