Friday, 24 January 2014

Skinfood My Short Cake Setting Mascara Review

Recently I tried out my very first Skinfood product! Shoutout to Angel who included this mascara in a beauty swap we did a while ago; if it wasn't for her this review would have never happen!

Probably one of the cuter mascaras I own

The brush is thin and the formula is pretty wet in my opinion

No mascara versus with (sorry that my eye is red >_<)

Dolly Wink Volume versus Skinfood Short Cake

If I had tried this mascara I few years ago, I probably would have loved it!! It lengthens, gives volume and most importantly; holds curls!!! However, compared to some other mascaras which I have used, it isn't the best at holding curls. Then again, it isn't the worse either. The only problem I have with this mascara is that although it holds my the curls, it straightens them ever so slightly. This can be resolved by curling your lashes to a point that is so extreme that it looks unnatural; that way when the mascara straightens out the lashes you're left with ones that are pretty-ly curled.

Naked lower lashes versus lower lashes with Skinfood mascara

I'd also like to mention that this mascara makes a great one for the lower lashes because of it's skinny brush! This photo also shows how awesome the mascara lengthens too.

To summarize things . . .

The Good
・It's the full package! Lengthens, volumizes and hold curls!
・ Doesn't flake or smudge
・Thin brush to get every single lashes
・A great mascara for lower lashes

The Bad
・Not the ultimate mascara when it comes to holding curls
・Like many Asian mascaras, this one is pretty tough to remove

I would definitely recommend this mascara to those of you that are already blessed with naturally curl lashes; I feel they would look amazing if you used this! As for the ones with straight lashes, I'd say give it a go if you're struggling to find one that hold curls. However, please bear in mind that there are better mascaras out in the market.

Hope you enjoyed this review guys c:


  1. The lengthening effects are really good! o: It's a shame that it doesn't hold curls well. T^T My lashes are usually pin straight, so I need something that colds curls a little better. ;u;
    Thanks for the review, Jing-jing! :'D I've never heard of this mascara until now (the only make-up product from Skinfood that I hear about is the salmon concealer). c:

  2. It looks like a cute little mascara ^_^
    I like the lengthening effect! But once compared to the Dolly Wink I can see that it's a bit lacking in the curl department. Thanks for the review!

  3. woooahhhh that is some major length dude! not what i expected from skin food to be honest. i think i can deal with the difficulties of removing asian mascaras. lancome bi-facil takes off anything. :)

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