Friday, 17 January 2014

Sponsored Styling: Casual Pocket Tee from Dresslily

Hey guys! So my last post was pretty negative towards sponsors but luckily has given me some hope that not all these companies are bad. The company got in contact with me and offered to provide me one item for me to style, review and giveaway! Here's what I got!

The stock photo (see more photos of the shirt by clicking on the photo to direct you to Dresslily's site)

Keep reading if you want to see how the top really looks and styled!

Casual Student

Wool Beanie - Strawberry | Gilet - University | Shorts - Self Altered | Shoes - Vans

Sweet Toffee

Beige Skirt - Primark | Studded Belt - New Look | Knee Socks - Primark | Brogues - New Look

Grungy Blues

Grey Parka - River Island | Pleather Skirt - Yesstyle | Black Boots - Doc Martens

Review of the Item

I didn't really expect much from this shirt because of it's simplicity and the fact that it was from a 'Chinese company' told me not to expect too much in terms of quality. When I first received the shirt I thought that the colour was off. I thought it'd be white instead of a beige-ish colour but upon revisiting Dresslily's site, I realized that my memory had failed be because the shirt was meant to be a beigey colour according to the stock photos. Asides from this, the blue was true to the colour and the material is soft and good. The only complaint I have with this top is that some of the loose threads were not cut off; but this is a thing that happens quite regularly with cheap Asian clothes so it's almost expected. You get what you're paid for, right?

・Review of・

Dresslily's site is easy to navigate and has the option to switch the currency which is very useful for those who don't work in USD including myself! Most of the items on the site are cheap but shipping depends on the weight of your order so the total cost of the order can add up very quickly. Luckily they have a free shipping section which still has a relatively big selection so the cost of shipping doesn't have to be expensive at all!

・Review of the Partnership・

Compared to other companies I've worked with, Dresslily is the first to be legit; by that I mean the company gets publicity when I blog about them and I get something out of it too. I know this probably comes of as bratty, but I don't believe us bloggers should blog about a company without getting an gain out of it because they are essentially using you if so. So yeah, in this case, I got a top to giveaway from working with Dresslily which is awesome! The person who I was emailing with was very sweet  and polite, though her English wasn't the best but it was good enough to understand so I can't complain. The only bad thing I have to say about this partnership was the process of picking the item for review. Several items I had pick prior to this shirt I eventually got was out of stock, which in my opinion should have been taken off the site or at least say so on the item's page. Luckily Dresslily was very kind didn't force me to pick something that I didn't like; I had a spending limit and the things I picked within it were out of stock but they allowed me to go over that limit in order for me to get something that was my style.


Dresslily is like most wholesale site; sells cheap clothing but the quality can be hit and miss. I can not comment on the shipping service of the company because the shirt was sent to me for free, but if you want something to be delivered by a certain date, like other wholesale sites, Dresslily may not be the site for you judging from existing reviews. There are quite a lot of negative reviews out there on Dresslily, but I feel that's probably because most of these people expect the same service from regular fashion sites. Wholesale sites work slightly differently I'm afraid.

It was a pleasure working with and I hope you guys liked how I styled the shirt they gave me! The shirt is going to be in my giveaway post along with some other goodies so stay tuned :D


  1. I like how you styled it in 'Grungy Blues' - it's chic yet casual! ^___^

  2. I love the casual student look since I love layers. It's simple and chic. If I have to style this myself, I would pair the lovely top with shorts, a cute scarf and black ankle boots <3

  3. Great casual tee, I love how you styled it in so many ways!

  4. I love Casual Student style :) a cute beanie looks great on you ^_~

  5. Hey, This full sleeve, pocket shirt is really very pretty.. Looking gorgeous.

  6. lovely! i heard of dresslily too and i'm impressed because a lot of bloggers got their sponsorship too from them.
    i do like to warn you about another scam website called, they scam you in writing down a wishlist, and you happily spent 80$ coupon code on their site, and truth is, they NEVER processed the order at all. i checked it like a gazzilion time, but nope, they haven't at all.
    trusted websitei worked with: Oasap, Persunmall (i love this they sponsored 3 months of my outfits!), Choies, Jollychic, and Chicnova!)

    and by the way i'm impressed at how you review everything in such details, (:


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