Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara Review

In my previous post I revealed that I dyed my hair, therefore I needed some new eyebrows to match my new colour!

I purchased the mascara in "Medium Brown"

I think this is the first coloured brow mascara I've seen in drugstores

A pretty unique brush!

Naked brows. Sorry about my irritated skin by the way :(

After applying the brow mascara

Behold my uneven brows! Wild brows on the left. Tamed brows on the right.

I usually fill my brows lightly with powder and then run some clear mascara through the hairs. By switching to this mascara it has made doing my brows a lot easier and quicker as I now only need one product. The mascara gives my brows a slight brown tint and holds them in place all day. I'm a little disappointed though as I thought it would be more opaque on my brows and lightening them more. Then again, I could probably still past looking OK if I carried on filling in my brows the way I did before going lighter so it's not a problem...until I go even lighter. Maybelline do have a lighter shade of this brow mascara (Deep Blonde) so maybe I should have got that colour? Ending things on a positive, I really, really like the brush! It coats my brows lightly at the front because of the ball shape and then more heavily at the tail; just exactly how I like them! However, because the coverage of the mascara isn't that opaque, this might not be a good thing for those who have bushier brows and want to lighten them. I guess I didn't end on a good note after all haha.


The Good
・Tames brows 
・Holds brows all day without flaking
・Tints look natural and matches my hair
・I now only need one product for my brows
・Sold in drugstores so it's easy to buy

The Bad
・May not be pigmented enough to cover those with darker, thicker brows
・There isn't a shade for everyone. Sorry redheads :(
・Expensive in my opinion. Costs £5; I can get powder and clear mascara at £1 each

In conclusion, the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara is a good product in my opinion. It does what I wanted it to do but because everybody has different brows, it's one of those product that may not work for everyone. I think this product would probably be better for those would want to darken their brows than those who want to lighten them. I don't see myself buying this brow mascara anytime soon after I've finished this tube because I'm planning to dye my hair lighter; I don't think it'll lighten my dark brows well enough to match the lighter hair colour. Maybe I'll buy this product again when I decide to go dark again :P

What do you use on your brows? Also, can anybody recommend a good brow gel for matching black brows with a lighter hair colour? I'm looking into Palty but I want options!

Thanks for reading c:


  1. Ohh I think it looks lovely and
    keeps the brows a nice hold

    and natural look c: Xx

  2. Oh I haven't seen this on the drugstores! look very good! Benefit brought similar product to the market recently, maybe this one could be a dupe! ^^

  3. The brush is so cool! I don't think we carry it here in the US, but I could be wrong. I own couple of gel mascaras and I hardly touch them. I just color my eyebrows and I'm done. :X


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