Monday, 10 February 2014

Outfit: Garden Party

Long time no outfit of the day! I usually do styling posts but today I will be just doing the one outfit today of this super cute dress kindly sent for me to style and review.

Cue the awkward pose

Dress - Sammydress | Cardigan - Primark | Belt - Forever 21 | Booties - New Look


Stock image. Get the dress here

Review of the Item

My boyfriend calls this my "grandma dress" but I love the grannie vintagey look so I don't care. I couldn't quite make it out in the images but when I first saw the dress in person, I was so excited to see cats! Yep, I am a grandma at heart.

When comparing to the stock image, the dress I received definitely has some differences. Some to list are that the elastic sits higher on my body than it does on the model, the green on my dress is more blue toned than what you see on the stock photo and the fabric is not as sheer as it is shown on Sammydress because you can't see the slip on my dress but you can online. Luckily though, these differences are ones I prefer and happy to have.

In terms of quality, you get what you paid for so I was not expecting much. The dress is wearable but quality is not great but nor terrible. Shortcuts have been taken during the making of this dress such as edges being overlocked instead of hemmed and the collar was not top stitched down. These shortcuts makes the production of the dress cheaper, but the quality is also affected too. Who knew studying Textile would help me with blogging?!

Review of

The site is standard for a wholesales site; easy to navigate, shipping is calculated by weight and there is a free shipping section for those who want to bypass shipping costs. What really caught my eye was the "Buyer's Show" section where real customers showcase their purchases which I feel is really cool! It also shows that Sammydress is legit because they are satisfying their consumers which is a sign of a good business. Big thumbs up!

・Review of the Partnership・

The way this partnership worked was very smooth; they contacted me, allowed me to pick whatever I wanted within my allowed limit, it was in stock so it was ordered, details were exchanged, dress arrived at my house in 10 days. My only complaint was that I wasn't given my tracking number or told that my package was sent, but the whole transaction happened so fast I didn't have the time to ask about it. On the 9th day after my order was confirmed I was thinking that Sammydress were still sourcing the dress but little did I know it was probably in my city already.


I feel that Sammydress are a good site for wholesales clothes but people have to remember that wholesales shopping online is slightly different for your average online store. I really do love the fact they have a section for customers to upload their purchases because it proves that the do ship products. Just bare in mind quality will vary for item to item and stock photos are not always accurate. Shipping was fast for me but this may not be the case for everyone because it depends on the time needed to find your items and process everything.

Hope this post was enjoyable to read. Blog to you soon!


  1. That doesn't look like a grandma dress to me! It's very lovely on you.

  2. Lovely dress! You look so cute!

  3. While I love your styling of it-- I think I would prefer the elastic a little lower (like in the stock image)---- thanks for writing such a thorough informative review!
    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  4. Cute, I like that dress on you :)

  5. That dress is so pretty, doesn't look like a grandma dress at all ^_^
    And i really like your boots as well, great outfit overall hehe!



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