Monday, 17 March 2014

Palty Hair Dye Pure Natural Review

A few weeks ago I dye my hair because my roots were getting out of hand. I've had this Palty dye sitting around my room for quite some time and with it being my first Asian dye I've ever used, I was rather excited!

The box

The kit

Before. Please excuse how gross my hair looks (it's better to dye dirty hair!)

Another example of my hair before but in slightly different lightly

After. No more black roots.

Roots are a tad darker than the rest of my hair though

Back/bottom of my hair on top of the front. Completely different tones...

I'm trying to gradually lighten my hair without damaging it (I've learnt my lesson, bleach!) so with it only lightening my hair a shade or two, I don't mind it too much. However, looking at my roots you can tell that on virgin black hair the dye is capable of lightening hair more than just one or two shades. I like that this Palty dye doesn't make my hair feel dry like hay; my hair still feels the same as it was before I dyed it! The kit is standard apart from the comb applicator which helps distribute the hair dye more evenly. However, as good as the comb tip is, I found that there wasn't enough dye for my hair even though it claims that one box of dye should be sufficient for shoulder length hair (which I have). I think this is my only major complaint about this dye. Good job that ombre was in so I can pass of my not-so-perfect-dye-job as an ombre! I've got a second box of Palty (a different shade though) to use so I'm probably going to be sporting 'ombre' hair for a while...

So to conclude:

The Good
・Didn't damage my hair
・Effective in lightening black hair
・The models hair and hair guide is accurate (in my opinion anyway)
・Comb applicator spreads dye more evenly than the regular nozzle tip kind

The Bad
・Not enough dye! Claims that one dye for one head of shoulder length hair is false
・Could've included better gloves (but that's the case with most dyes in my opinion)
・Palty was a little tight with the conditioner compared to other brands

I can't comment on the other colours in this range, but Palty's Pure Natural is a great dye if you hair virgin black hair and want to lighten it. The majority downside to this dye is that one box doesn't come with as much dye as other brands, so you may need to buy more than one box. I don't have measurements to compare (will be getting some for my next Palty review though *wink*) but I did notice I ran out of dye before my whole head was done. With other brands one box of dye may have had my hair full saturated...

Hope this review was enjoyable to read. And once again, blog to you soon :)


  1. oh this one looks very good! it is so difficult to color black hair... I might get some on my upcoming trip to Asia :-D

  2. wow! i haven't tried palty before, but i tried beautylabo and liese, and i have to tell you liese is stil the best, i think this dye still evens out the color unlike mine, it's everywhere! haha

  3. Milky Rabbit ♡19 March 2014 at 12:51

    wow the box looks so cute and colour it's super lovely!! <3
    Would u like to follow each other? let me know xx

  4. I only tried liese before
    this one yet to try
    great review

    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
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