Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sleek Pout Paint Review

Happy April guys! To celebrate the arrival of spring, today I will be reviewing some spring-summery coloured lippies from Sleek.

From left to right are the shades: Pin Up, Milkshake, Lava and Peachy Keen

I've had these for quite a while so the packaging is slightly different. Judging by Sleek's website, they've changed the font of the words "Pout Paint".

Clockwise from top left: Pin Up, Milkshake, Lava, Peachy Keen

Colour of face shots are in the same order as before. Man I have some sort of RPG menu thing going on here!

Sorry about the horrendous picture quality! I broke my SD card for my camera when I decided to take these photos, so I resorted to using my phone! It was a lot easier thanks to the front facing camera however, I didn't think about how the sizes of the images which was the biggest downfall for me. This is why I've collaged the photos for this review together; what do you guys think...yay or nay? My final year of university is coming to an end as well so I won't have the time to reshoot these pictures. Sorry I haven't put 100% in this post :')

Moving back on topic, these lip paints were what fuelled the start of my lippy obsession. I got them because I loved the fact that you could mix up your own lip colours. Ironically, I have probably only mixed up my own colours a handful of times! I remember thinking to myself, "Wow! I can have hundreds of colours and only own four lippies!". Boy I was so wrong. I now have a whole box of them (see here) and my collection is still growing!

I feel like the quality of the lip paints vary from shade to shade. The lighter shades (Milkshake and Peachy Keen) really like to emphasize my dry patched. However, Pin Up and Lava make my lips look great! Though, Pin Up does seem to feather more than Lava on me...See what I mean by vary?

The main reason why I was suckered into buying these lip paints were the raves about amazing colour pay off and lasting power. I disagree with the lasting power (then again lippies never like to stay on my lips all day) but the colour pay off is true to an extent. I say that because these Pout Paints are prone to separating. Nothing a little shaking and mixing can't fix though! This then brings me to my baddest point of this product; you have to us a brush! I thought I could get away with just using my fingers but nope, it doesn't work for me!

TL;DR for the lazy readers...

The Good
・Great colour pay off
・You can mix your own lip colours
・Lot's of shade to choose from
・Not too expensive and usually on offer (usually £5 and the 3 for 2 offers pop up often)

The Bad
・You need a brush so touch ups are more of a hassle
・The product separates so you need to mix it to get the most out of the colour
・Staying power is not as great as people have claimed

I really do like these Sleek Pout Paints. If you like the novelty of making your own lip colours like me then these would be a good purchase! However, it's not the most convenient product to use so if you're all for easy to use products you might want to give this a miss.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this!

PS. As I've mentioned, the end of uni is getting so close now! My finally deadline is 20th May meep! I've been trying to update my blog once a weeks but I may be missing a few from now on until I've finished. I'm running out of pre-shoot photos to blog and I doubt I'm going to have time to shoot new ones. Plus my memory card is broken huuuu~ Will miss you guys :'D 


  1. Oh I have heard good things about the sleek pout paint! People say they're dupes for the OCC Lip tars!
    Pin Up and Milkshake look the prettiest on you! <3

  2. I love peach keen, btw you look so pretty >.< your skin look flawless and healthy ^_~

  3. Pin up is my fave!


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