Thursday, 29 May 2014

Covergirl LashBlast Volume Review

Is the bandwagon for this still around? I knew I had to picked this mascara up when I visited America almost a year ago. I feel like it's been raved about so much that as a mascara enthusiast, I just had to try it out!

As usual if there's the option, I chose the waterproof and blackest version (in this cause "very black")

Out of the plastic

The tube is MASSIVE. I sort of had to get used to holding the wand haha. I really like how with a lot of US mascaras, the brush is not inserted in the tube when you buy it. You get to see the brush in it's clean state which is rare if you're in the UK (unless you wash it afterwards)

Closer look at the brush

With versus without

Covergirl versus current go-to mascara (MJ Lash King)

I'm glad I picked up this mascara because I really like it! It holds curls and darkens my lashes which is all I really want from a mascara. The lengthening effect is not as good as my Lash King mascara but then LashBlast didn't claim to lengthen. Results are pretty natural, though the name "LashBlast Volume" made me think it would be slightly more dramatic. I'm not going to complain though because it separates my lashes beautifully! Maybe that's why it looks natural to me?

As mentioned before, the mascara hold my curled lashes all day nicely, however, splash some water on them they revert back to their pin-straight state...

Evidence: Post-log-flume-selca. No more curls :(

Please bear in mind I did discover this after going on a water ride; a pretty extreme test for a mascara. Most people don't go to theme parks everyday so it should be good for normal day-to-day usage. Just note that if you are going to a pool party, want to wear mascara but have naturally straight lashes; this mascara would not be the one I'd reach for. However, a plus point is that this mascara is really waterproof and doesn't run so for those of you with curly lashes, this may work for you!


::The Good::
- Separates lashes. Clumps begone!
- Holds curls. Every straight-lashed girls' requirement
- Natural looking. Perfect for the summer time
- Waterproof. No black tears!
- If I remember correctly, it's pretty affordable

::The Bad::
- May not be as lengthening as other mascaras on the market
- As cool as the big tube looks, I needed to get used to holding it
- Not pool appropriate for those with straight lashes
- No available in the UK!! Though there is apparently a dupe by Max Factor but the brand is on the more pricey side of drugstore...

In conclusion, I feel Covergirl LashBlast Volume is a mascara everyone should try if you get the chance to. I'd buy it again if I could! As long as you don't expect it to do something it doesn't claim, you'll be fine. You may even be surprized! A lot of people have raved about it and there's a reason why ;D

What products have your purchased because you've heard it being raved about?
I'll see you in my next post!

[PS Sorry if you noticed my photo's aren't as good as usual. I am still using my phone to take pictures. Will try to find/buy/borrow a memory card soon so I can get back to using my normal camera]


  1. Oh these hold curls pretty well! >u< And they didn't budge after the water ride! o:
    I love covergirl mascaras - they're affordable, and they get the job done! :'D
    Thanks for the review, Jing-jing! Also, you look so gorgeous in that selfie! >u<

  2. I've heard so many good things about covergirl mascaras! Especially the LashBlast Volume. My lashes do not like to stay curled so this will be great for me! Thanks for the review! ^_^

  3. I know right!! I wish Covergirl was sold here so I can test our more of their stuff :'D
    Hahaa thanks but I think I look like a wet cat more that anything else xD

  4. I've heard many good things about the brand too! So jealous of countries that sell Covergirl. Really wish they'd come to the UK sighhh :')

  5. We don't have cover girl in Germany but I've heard that they're the same like Max Factor here in Europe.. I believe Max Factor is available in the UK too, right?
    You have looooong lashes to begin with!! *envy* and this mascara does make it appear fuller and longer ^^
    my lashes are almost invisible T-T

  6. Yep we have Max Factor in the UK too but it's expensive compared to other high street brands I hardly look at their counter :')
    Thanks ^///^ I've been thinking and it maybe because my mum used to slather on Vaseline on my face as a kid to moisturize it and it'd get on my lashes!! My brother has pretty nice lashes too! Maybe you can try Vaseline? I've read somewhere it can help grow your lashes but I haven't used it since it broke me out when I was a teenager. I might start using it again now I'm older xD

  7. I think it looks very pretty and natural on your
    lashes, even though it doesn't really lengthen :P
    I don't think we have Covergirl in my country :c

  8. Your natural eyelashes are so long and beautiful already! Thanks for the review.

    I'm your new follower.

    Let's keep in touch!


  9. Alexandra Dove31 May 2014 at 21:11

    This looks good, such a shame it's not available in the UK :( At least the mascara didn't give you panda eyes after the log flume ride haha!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me :D

  11. I know right! Really wish we had Covergirl here :(
    No panda eyes are always a plus!

  12. Thank you! I used prefer dramatic lashes but before that I preferred natural. I think I'm reverting back to my old self :L
    You're from the Netherlands if I remember correctly?? Covergirl needs to come to Europe :')


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