Sunday, 1 June 2014

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Foam Light Beige Blonde Review

Hey everybody! Today I've got a hair dye review for you all. I'd been so busy leading up towards the end of uni that my roots grew out prettyyy bad! Let's see how this dye turned out on my hair!

This was my first ever foaming dye so I was really didn't know what to expect

The content

Total of 100ml of liquid

In past experiences I've found that 100ml of product is not in enough to cover my hair, even when it's shoulder length. Luckily because this dye foams it was able to cover my whole head.

The foam

Before we talk about the foam can we talk about the gloves? Look at the size of them!! This is what I'm usually complaining about when I say gloves included in dyes are bad; they're so ill fitting. Instead of hand-shaped plastic bags, can all hair dye companies include the stretchy kind please :( ?

Moving back onto the foam, I expected the foam to be a bit more dense. The foam was a little on the runny side so it did drip out of my hand a couple of time. Other than that, more importantly the foam stayed in my hair without dripping at all which was good

Before photo. That's about 10 weeks of neglect right there!

After. My roots match my hair a lot better now yaaaay

Another before and after comparison

Both of these were taken straight after hairdrying and after a couple of washed. Thought I'd do the same pose when I as the before photo. Less red tones and I'm slightly lighter which was my aim

Unfortunately I still have different tones in my hair :c

Luckily it doesn't look too bad from the back

:: Thoughts on Foam ::

As mentioned in the beginning, this was my first time using a foam dye and I have to say I think I do prefer it to the regular kind! I was scared that there wasn't enough dye for my hair but because the bubbles increases the volume of the liquid, it allows the dye to cover more of your hair. I'd also like to point out how easy it is to mix a foam dye compared to the usual type. From my experience and watching a few foam hair dye videos, you only need to tilt the bottle up and down a few times and its done. Compared to dyes where you need to shake for 30+ seconds, this is a lot easier to mix!

:: Thoughts on the Dye ::

The dye successfully lifted the colours from my roots, as well as colouring my already coloured hair and blending the two together quite nicely. It most importantly lightened my hair which was what I was going for. The dye not damage my hair, in fact I felt like my hair felt HEALTHILY after I dyed it. Garnier was not lying when they put "nourishing" into the name of this dye! As for fixing my uneven colour, it didn't make it more worse or better. I guess that the advantage of gradually lightening your hair colour though; the unevenness is less noticeable! Will need to read up on how to fix uneven coloured hair at home so hopefully in my next hair dye review I'll have even hair again.

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Lightening my hair successfully
- Did not damage my hair...
- fact it nourished it!!
- The foam dye covers hair better than regular dyes

The Bad
- Foam was a little runny, wasn't as dense as I expected
- The gloves were the plastic bag type

If I didn't have other dyes already bought and love testing things out I'd probably repurchase this hair dye. My biggest complaint is once again the gloves! Stretchy pleaseeee!

Hope you enjoyed this part of my hair adventure! Do you dye your hair?


  1. wow you didn't bleach your hair before this dye, did you? the dark roots are almost completely gone and the color is very even! I am now very happy with my new hair color. I colored it using the coloring from Schwartzkopf also in foam form, very easy to use. ^^

  2. Love how it came out - tempted to give this a try!

  3. I didn't know Garnier had a foam dye! I must search it out - but I've been pretty loyal to Loreal dyes the past few years as that brand seems to work the best on me. I have problems getting even tones on my hair too, very frustrating >.<

  4. Lovely color!


  5. I've used L'oreal in the past and I think I like it too! Might try it again if I'm not tempted by other brands. I love to try stuff too much ^^"
    Uneven tones is something I fear I'll never master. My hair from the back in my teen years...eek!

  6. Thanks! Please let me know if you do ^^

  7. Nope and I'm planning to avoid bleach as long as I can. I learnt the hard way when I was younger and ended up destroyed my hair :'D
    I remember Schwartzkopf being pretty good at lifting colour and it's quite cheap too! Might have to check out their foam dyes :)

  8. your hair is really pretty!!~
    Have you tried the john frieda hair colour foam? Apparently its a really good brand~
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- Charmaine

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  9. i think it looks very good! I like the color a lot :)

    xoxo ♥

  10. Plearn Nataricha8 June 2014 at 14:37

    I like the colour! It looks lovely on you :)

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  11. Thank you!
    John Frieda's foam dye is actually on my to-try list once I've used all the dyes I currently have :D
    Congrats on your first giveaway!! Will have to stop by and have a look :)

  12. ClothesandCamera9 June 2014 at 20:29

    The colour looks super pretty and suits you so well!

  13. ohhh, this turned out pretty well too! I'm glad to hear that it actually nourished your hair! I want to try now :)


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