Wednesday, 25 June 2014

NYX Matte Lipstick Shocking Pink Review

I was on a lip products ban from the start of this year. However, ever since "Radiant Orchid" was announced as the colour of 2014, I wanted a purple-ish lipstick and my ban sort of went downhill from there! Today I will be reviewing the lipstick that made me give into my ban.

In case you was wondering, this lipstick costs £6

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink is a bright blue toned pink. I decided to go for a bluey toned pink rather than a full on purple like Radiant Orchid because I don't think I'm adventurous enough to go full purple :'D

Bare lips

With lipstick on


Sorry for the sudden switch to low quality! It's been a while since I selfie-d with my regular camera so I failed miserably (e.g photos not in focus, in frame etc) and my arms started to hurt #selfieproblems. Thank you front-facing phone camera for being invented!

Although NYX has labelled this as a matte lipstick, I don't feel that the finish is very matte at all. It does get less shiny as it dries, however, there is a little bit of a sheen to it once it's all set. I'm not complaining though because the finish in my opinion is so pretty! It just looks like my natural lips...but an unnatural coloured version. The lipstick feels pretty moisturizing which I also like and pigmentation is a-maz-ing!! Maybe even a little too intense for me, especially with a shade like "Shocking Pink". As much as I love the colour, I don't have the confidence to rock it fully. I find myself preferring to dab the lipstick on my lips thinly as to swiping it from one lip corner to another. Guess that means the lipstick will last longer for me!! I'm quite messy when it comes to applying bright lip colours (because mistakes and sloppy applications are more visible) so I feel like I have to be extra careful when I want to wear this lipstick. The colour likes to transfer too when doing things like eating however it does wear off very nicely and leaves your lips stained a pretty pink. Just a warning though, because the colour is a little harder to remove than other lipstick. One final complaint I have for this lipstick, or NYX actually, is that the brand is pretty hard to find in the UK. I've never seen NYX sold in Boots or Superdrug and I only stumbled upon their counter when I randomly went into Next one day (and that's rare!). NYX have so many products that are raved about so they need to make themselves more easy to get!

:: TL;DR ::

Good Point
- Doesn't dry the lips
- Feels moisturizing
- Has a natural lip finish
- Wears nicely and stains lips
- Highly pigmented
- £6 so not too expensive

Bad Point
- Messy; colour transfers and can look messy when applied due to the bright colour
- "Matte" finish may not be the matte finish people are looking for
- The availability for NYX is pretty limited in the UK
- Slightly harder to remove compared to other lipsticks
- Packaging feels a bit cheap

I know I've said quite a few bad point but I'd still recommend others to try out the NYX Matte Lipsticks and not let the word "matte" put you off. Got to be a bit nick picky as this is a review after all haha. I really like mine and would love to buy more from the range...but I have to resist as I already have too many lipsticks and only one pair of lips!

Have you tried any NYX products and are they easy to get where you are from?


  1. I think you rock this color pretty well, Jing-jing! >u<
    It's always hard to find a lippy that doesn't transfer as much, but it's good to hear that this leaves a nice stain! >u<

    (I'm also on a lippy ban too OTL'' )

  2. Thank you ^^ Yes you should try it out! It's defo different from bright reds and oranges! I think a lot of people can relate and are scare of bold colours. Took me quite a while to get used to orange hahaa!

  3. Thank you! I'm not a big fan of mattes either but this one is the good kind so I think it's worth trying :)

  4. Dawwhh thanks Junjun :'D
    I guess blotting could help lippies transfer less but I'm the type that just likes to apply and go haha! And I feel your pain sister! I'm back on my ban but there are so many good products being brought out it's hard >__<

  5. The color is so pretty and suits you so nicely!! I also wanted to try bold colors but is too timid to actually wear one! So i always adores those who carries perfect bold lip shades ;)

  6. I love how pigment this color is c;
    Looks great on you! We don't
    have NYX in my country unfortunate..

  7. Heeey Sexy lady! Love the lipstick. You look gorge. ;)

    AAh, thanks for such a touching comment on my post!! I love you big time girl. Even though I don't know you in person, it was really nice hearing from a familiar blogger. You are the sweetest. Big motivation boost! hehe. I will work hard. Hope you're having a smashing Summer! :))

  8. Alexandra Dove29 June 2014 at 11:30

    This looks like such a great colour, although I do hate messy lipsticks! I feel your #selfieproblems pains!

  9. Thank you! Hahaa yes selfies can take so much effort sometimes I just want to give up!

  10. Thank you very much ^^
    No problem about it! I've been through similar things and really needed support so I could really relate to your post. Commenting was the least I could do :) Supporting you all the way girl!!

  11. I do too :D Ahh that's a shame...I wish NYX was more available in the UK. I've moved from where I randomly found the NYX counter so I may never be able to see NYX products again :'D

  12. Thank you! You could try wearing slightly less bold shades of the colours to ease yourself into it? Or maybe dab/wear thinner coats of the lipstick then gradually wear thicker coats? That's what I'm doing with this colour. I'm still getting used to it tbh ^^"

  13. ClothesandCamera5 July 2014 at 22:37

    What a gorgeous color! Perfect for summer :D


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