Saturday, 21 June 2014

Travel Diary: Sheffield

Hey guys sorry for the delay between my last post and this one! I moved back home from uni a few days ago so the past week has been packing and unpacking. My room had become a storage room during the years I was gone so it's been quite a challenge to make it feel like my room again. Anyway, enough of that story and back onto the post. Today I will be sharing snippets of my visit to Sheffield. Enjoy :)

First stop: Food at Sakushi

Whenever I travel to a different city, finding a restaurant to eat is always the first thing whoever I'm with and I do! The boyfriend was craving Japanese so with the help of Google Maps we found Sakushi. The restaurant offers a good selection of Japanese dishes and an even better selection of sushi. The boyfriend isn't a fan of the idea of eating raw fish so to see the cooked type of sushi on the menu was great! I remember our bill came up to nearly £40 which shocked us!! Though to be fair though we did eat A LOT (we'd both never eaten off a sushi belt so the novelty sucked us in!). Luckily, when going to pay the kind waitress asked if we wanted to signup as a member to get something like 30% off because it was Monday so our ended up being just until £30. I highly recommend the restaurant but advise people to go on a Monday. Especially if you're going to eat both sushi and a meal!

Tamago sushi!

I was literally waiting forever for these and they finally came out mid-meal! This is probably my favourite sushi (I love eggs) but I hardly see it in on the menu in UK Japanese restaurants.

Next stop: Sheffield Cathedral

We decided to pay the cathedral a visit because it was just round the corner from where we ate. Whenever a city has a cathedral I always seem to want to find it and pay it a visit. I guess I love looking at the interiors and how quiet and peaceful it is inside.

Next stop : Winter Gardens and Millennium Gallery

Bright yellow bike

We actually saw several of these whilst wandering around the city. Wonder what campaign it's for or is it just a stunt...

It's made out of cutlery!

Last stop: Train Station. This is what you see as soon as you step out!

I have to admit I slightly struggled to write for this post towards the end because I didn't know much about the places we went too ( ^^" ) The trip to Sheffield wasn't planned and most of the places we went to we accidentally stumbled upon. Hope you still enjoyed looking at the photos though.

Blog to you soon!


  1. You did a lot of stuff! Thanks for the recap, very fun to see.

  2. :) I love sushi especially salmon and uni <3 love the photos of the cathedral, those stained glass windows are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing thesem, it looks like a wonderful trip

  3. I hope I can visit Sheffield some day :) Lovely garden indeed.


  4. I loveeee sushi but only the cooked ones hihi, I can't eat raw fish, I am even very picky with cooked fish..
    Sheffield looks like a nice city :-)
    Btw, I won't visit London this summer :( but I am planning to go there anytime soon.. i miss London very much, it's been 2 years since the last time I was there..

  5. LOVely pics!! the food loooks delishh!!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time there! The food look so good.

  7. Aw they look so yummy! Hope you had lots of fun!


  8. It didn't feel like it at the time but now I look back I do feel I did do quite a bit! Happy to hear you found this post fun!

  9. Cathedrals and any old buildings are amazing to me! I've always wondered how can people back then build things that are so beautifully detailed!!

  10. You should give it a try if you ever visit the UK!

  11. It was a good day out :) And the food was as delicious as it looks!

  12. It was very yummy indeed! Was fun but I bet not as fun as your travels though :D

  13. Quite a touristic place this Sheffield town c;
    I can't believe your BF doesn't like raw fish!
    I heart sashimis. Yay for the 30% discount
    on the meal though!


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