Monday, 21 July 2014

Collection 2000 Colour Pout Lasting Lip Stain Review

Before I begin this review I want let you guys know that I've screwed up my blog big time recently. I sort of messed around with my google account and accidentally privated a load of my blog's pictures and didn't realize until a few days later!! I'm sorry that the majority of my photos are missing and will be fixing it as fast as I can! It's a tedious process though so please bear with me. On a lighter note I've linked my blog to my google plus account so we can now be friends and follow each other! Add me :D ?

Anyway, back onto the review. Today I am going to be reviewing a lip pens. The kind that's like a felt tip pen that seems to be a trend of the past now. I got this when Collection still went by "Collection 2000" so this is probably quite an old product. However, upon googling if this lip pen was still being sold, I found out that Superdrug and Boots still have it on their website so it is still on the market for those who want to try it out.

The name has unfortunately rubbed off but I believe I have the shade "Pout" after some research

Lip swatch

Face shot

I knew I had this lip pen laying in my collection for a while and was super surprized that it hadn't dried up so I decided to wear it one day when I wanted a red lip. Worse decision ever. It reminded me why I hardly ever picked up this pen to do my lips. The applications was easy with it being a pen, however, it was patchy too so it took a bit more effort to apply. It bleeds a little but I didn't mind it too much because I loved the colour so I just went with it. Nope nope nope. Shouldn't have done that! The "lasting" power was a lie; the lippie wears horribly on me! It did not leave me with a nice stain, it looked flakey as if I peeled my lips. Reapplying fixed it a little but as mentioned before it was patchy so it just felt like a hassle. Thanks to this product, it'd put me off starting the lip pen collection I initially wanted. I thought lip pens were meant to be as easy as colouring :(

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- The colour is a really pretty red
- Pen type applicator makes it easy to apply the product
- Has a nice sweetish smell to it
- Doesn't dry up after a year
- Inexpensive

The Bad
- Applies patchy
- Bleeds a little
- Was not long lasting, looking worse by the hour
- Scent is strong so may put off those sensitive to smell

I really wanted to like the lip pen trend but unfortunately this one had ruined it for me. I don't feel like I can recommend this product to anybody because I had such a bad experience with it.

Have you ever tried lip pens before?


  1. this is a very nice red shade! too bad the formula didn't work out for you.. I don't really like this kind of lip pens because they're always too dry for my lips.. But I love lip crayons, the chubby sticks kind ^^

  2. It's a beautiful colour! I'm so guttered the formula performs so bad :( Glad to know I'm not the only one hating on lip pens! I always feel bad writing a negative review haha

  3. Nice deep red shade, I like it c:
    I have to be careful if I do buy
    these lip pens, and not to mistake
    it with my markers ha :')
    Yeah, those Google picture
    maintain is tricky and hard to understand..

  4. This color looks so beautiful on you. I love how deep that red is!

  5. Thanks! Hahaa I imagine it'd be a nightmare to take of marker from the lips! Even if you did want amazing staying power x'D

  6. Thank you! I think this shade of red would look good on most people! If only the formula was better...

  7. the color is really pretty but the quality seems the total opposite :< i find some lip stains has shittier lasting powder than most lipsticks, i guess this would be one of them too


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