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MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick Review

I think the majority of beauty enthusiast owns at least one MAC lipsticks. It wasn't until a few months ago I could finally say that I owned a MAC lipstick. It wasn't that I haven't been to a MAC store before; it was more that I was spoilt for choice and wanted to make sure the first lipstick I got from MAC is one I'll love. I also happened to always pick shades on days they'd be out of stock because I'm that lucky. My luck is so strong that I have actually purchased a MAC lipstick before, got given a completely different colour but that's a different story. Anyway, there was one day decided I wanted Peach Blossom, the store had it in stock, I double checked I was given the correct colour and so Peach Blossom become my first ever MAC lipstick.

Peach Blossom - My first (technically second) MAC Lipstick

Bare lips

With Peach Blossom

Face shot with Peach Blossom

MAC lipsticks are over my usual budget for lippies so I decided to invest in a my-lips-but-better lipstick to ensure I'll get a lot a use out of it. My oh my do I love this lipstick! I like peachy-pink lips but my lips aren't really that colour; this lipstick let's me pretend they are hehee. Because it's as natural colour for me, I don't have to worry about it fading because the difference is very subtle. I think of this lipstick as my "natural lip concealer", not like an actual lip concealer where out cancels it the colour but it covers my blemishes, evening out my....lip tone? Although it evens out my lips, I wouldn't say it's mega pigmented as I do have to apply a couple of layers to achieve what I want. Peach Blossom has a Cremesheen finish which I love. It glides on beautifully, giving my lips a healthy sheen whilst feeling light as lip balm. I can finally understand why some people say high end lipsticks feel so much better than the one from the drugstores! I can apply and reapply this lipstick all day because it feels so good!

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Quality. Feels so good when applying!
- Feels light on the lips as if you were wearing lip balm
- My ideal MLBB lipstick. Makes my lips look naturally good and no need to worry about it fading
- Has enough pigments to even out my lip colour
- The packaging feels sturdy and strong
- It smells subtly yummy. Like sweets? I'm unsure but it's nice!

The Bad
- The price because it's MAC after all
- A bit on the sheerer side
- The scent may put some people off
- More on MAC stores that the lipstick, but for me on several occasions in different stores a lot of shades are out of stock. Could just be down to my luck though :')

Are MAC lipsticks worth the money? I think so! I do want more in my collection but I don't think I'll own more than a handful due to the price. At least that would ensure that I'll pick shades which I really want.

Do you own any MAC lipsticks or have a MLBB lipstick?


  1. This is a very nice every day shade! I always have bad luck with MAC lipsticks.. I feel like they are just not made for me T.T
    they are too waxy for my liking , but a lot of people loooove it so I bet it is only me. lol

  2. I don't have any MAC lipsticks in my collection, but danggg. I really need a good MLBB lipstick, but I can never find the right one. ;___; Thanks for the review, Jing jing!

  3. This is so pretty on you! You naturally have beautiful lips, too. :)
    I don't usually go for MAC lipstick since I find the price point is slightly odd. But some of the shades really tempt me to try them more!

  4. This is a shade that I was eyeing! It looks great. Love my MAC lippies but out of all the ones I've own, I only bought one with my own money and the rest were gifts xD

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. I love that shade, it looks great on you. :] I don't have any mac lipsticks but they're ridiculously expensive where I'm from. ^^


  6. Thank you! Aw man that's a shame >_< It's pretty expensive here too so I don't see myself buying loads at once :'D

  7. Thank you! I think it'll suit you if you got it because I think we probably have similar skintones :) Ooo I might start asking for MAC lipsticks for gifts from now on haha!

  8. Thank you! And you think so?? I've never really thought much of them ^^"
    The price is slightly odd isn't it? It's not as cheap as drugstore but it's not quite up there with the prices of the designer brands!

  9. Good luck with your search for a MLBB lipstick! I feel it's quite good to have. Sometimes I just don't want to go bright or nude but I want my lipstick to look better :P Glad you enjoyed it c:

  10. Aw no really :( Maybe it's the finish you're going for? I feel I can only wear the cremesheens because my lips can get really dry!! Or maybe it's the shade because that can sometimes affect a product too. If only products worked for everyone :'D

  11. I was about to buy another Mac lipstick yesterday but I didn't buy (not the same reason as yours though). The problem about MAC is that the sellers there wasn't helpful and literally ignored me :(

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  12. ClothesandCamera11 July 2014 at 19:20

    Really lovely color, so natural and yet girly!

  13. there's almost no difference between before and after o_o lol the "natural lip concealer". i wouldn't want to find my "natural lip concealer" honestly bc i dont really like my natural lip color. your natural lip color is pretty as the fact that it's the same as the color of a lipstick ;) oh i thought "lipstick would be all the same" that's why i never understand people who buy expensive lipsticks like tomford (wtaf 50 bucks for a lipstick), ysl, mac, etc etc, well i guess my statement has been wrong all this time


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