Thursday, 3 July 2014

Outfit: Red is my lucky colour

Got to dress up few days ago since it was my parents' day off, both my brother and I were back from uni so we had a family day out. Here's what I wore~

Top - H&M | Skirt (with belt) - New Look | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell | Hat - H&M

I could have dresses up in more summery colours but I wanted to wear my black and white lucky cat crop top. It didn't fit me for a while thanks to me gaining some fat due to a horrific diet during the last stressful days of uni! Fast forward a month, the top fit when I tried it on, I was a happy bunny so I worked my outfit round it. I love the combination of black and burgundy so burgundy hat and skirt it was! Plus red is the lucky colour for the Chinese so it'd go with the slight oriental theme of the top? Threw on my Tardy Los by JC because I like how the stitching matched my top. Aaaand that's how to put an outfit together! It's been a whilst since I've properly thought about and "planned" an outfit instead of throwing things on and going. I've missed it :)

Do you plan your outfits?


  1. cute outfit! I love the cropped top and the shoes are so cute!!
    red is also my lucky color, I think red is lucky color for all chinese! lol

  2. Adorable outfit! I love the shade of red.


  3. Thank you! I do love a bit of oxblood :)

  4. Glad you like it ^^
    Hehee I think it is isn't it!

  5. i really loe that red burgundy color! i dont really like the really SUPER RED color, but burgundy is such a nice color for clothes! (: i got the exact same hat as yours too~ cannot stop wearing it because it's such a great accessory! i do think you fit well in that cat top though (:
    your style kinda reminded me of me, i really like to style it this way, with cute socks to pair with nice boots (: awwh
    thanks for your lovely comment on my panic attack post, you don't look like you are suffering from one , you're comment make my day babe! followed you!!!

  6. Glad you like the outfit and high five for having the same hat :D
    Don't worry about it girl! It's hard to tell who suffers from panic attacks because you just look normal. Sometimes you can feel you are the only one which can get you really depressed!! Just want to let you know that you are not alone :)

  7. you look gorgeous in red! I have the same hat too ^^ so versatile!


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