Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Photospam: Hyper Japan

Hey everybody! Sorry for the gap between this and my previous post. I did not want to make a new post because I wanted to fix my missing pictures on my blog first. I am happy to say that I think I've replaced them all! I have also been away this week so I haven't had access to my files for my blog.

Anyway the main reason why I was away was because I went to Hyper Japan with my boyfriend and his niece! My boyfriend is interested in Japanese culture, his niece is into anime and I like all things cute and kawaii so it seemed like the place to go! I took quite a lot of photos which I will be sharing in this post. Enjoy!

Earl's Court where Hyper Japan was held

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's outfit from PONPONPON

Alpaca's were everywhere at the convention!

Kpop Stall at a Japanese convention?

Mango shaved ice. The last time I had shaved ice was in Singapore many years ago. It was so good to have it again!!

The boyfriend is redecorating his room and was so close to getting a bonsai tree. Of all the things he could have considered buying it had to be the most random haha

Perfomance by a group called "Siro-A" who are a little like the Blue Man Gorup. They were really cool I'd love to see them again!

Games! I didn't play on anything though :<

The one think we walked away with...a freebie polaroid :'D

There were so many opportunities to buy lots of cool things but we resisted! A lot of it was pretty expensive and I need to be a bit more careful with money at the moment. My brother (who funnily went to Hyper Japan as well but on a different day) is thinking of going to the convention again when it returns so maybe I'll tag along splash out then!


  1. Ahh, this post has made me so nostalgic. I went to Hyper Japan last year and it was incredible - the picture of those karaage skewers is making my mouth water! Look at all the kawaii-ness! Eeee!


  2. OMG I'm jealous. I really want to go to this event. How did you find out about the event? I possibly have booked a ticket to London if I knew about it before hand. I kawaii things too <3

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  3. Kristen Rafaelle31 July 2014 at 07:38

    Lol I cracked at the Kpop stall though.
    Rilakkuma and Alpacas <33 omggg
    I wish they hold Hyper Japan in my country too.

  4. Awesome pictures, I'm so sad I couldn;t make it to this event
    But with your post it felt like I was there ;)


  5. Aww I'm glad you enjoyed this post :D Those karaages were so delicious I seriously need to find a recipe!!

  6. Boyfriend and I were just looking for stuff to do for when I was in London and stumbled upon it so we decided to go lol! I think they're holding a Christmas Market event in November if you're interested :)

  7. Really? that's awesome! I will have a look. Thanks for the info :)

  8. I know there were so many cute things!! I could have potentially spent so much money haha!!

  9. Thank you! I was a little gutted I didn't take my proper camera but maybe next time lol. You should come too ;D

  10. Congratulations, you did not. :))))

  11. very beautiful pictures<3

    Maybe want follow each other? if yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)

  12. That convention looks amazing! I've been to a few Japanese events from where I am but sadly they were fairly small and cannot even compare - the variety of things at this convention as I can see in your post makes me jealous! (The bonsai trees do look very cool, no wonder your boyfriend wants one!)

  13. It was amazing ^^ I'm glad they had other things going on asides from anime and kawaii stalls because I do like seeing some of the more traditional things too. My boyfriend is still looking into getting a bonsai tree though lol. He decided against it because it would've been a hassle to carry back home on the tube and train haha


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