Sunday, 3 August 2014

Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength Review

Today I will be reviewing hair dye remover, something I've never tried before so I had no idea what the results would be like! I had this little theory in my head that if I was to strip away the colour from the multiple dye jobs I've had, I'd be left with a lighter colour which would be easier to lighten when I next dye it. I also wanted to remove the red tones in my hair from my previous dye job. Let's see if my mini science experiment works!

A few things to bear in mind about the state of my hair:
- My hair is naturally dark. Black in fact
- I have already dyed my hair multiple times
- Every dye that I have used are lighter than my natural hair colour
- My hair has not been bleached. However, it has lightened each time I dye it
- I am not qualified in hair. Just sharing my experiences :)

So what is Colour B4? Is is basically bleach? Nope! Colour B4 doesn't contain bleach so it should be less damaging to hair. The product works by shrinking the artificial hair molecule which then can be washed out. Colour B4 won't effect you natural hair colour but it also won't restore you natural hair colour if you've bleached or lightened you hair.

Kind of looks like a hair dye kit doesn't it even though it's job is the complete opposite. The process is pretty similar too. You mix part A with Part B, wear gloves when applying, have to wait for the product to do it's thing and then rinse. A difference is that instead of conditioner, Part C is a "buffer"; kind of like a shampoo but a special one to put it simply. The biggest difference is that Colour B4 recommends to start with clean hair, unlike how dirty hair is preferred when dying to protect your scalp and hair. This is because dirty hair can make penetrating the hair cuticle more difficult for the remover, thus making the results less effective.



Another before photo in a different room with different lighting


Side by side comparison

:: Thoughts ::

Hiding underneath all that dye, my hair is pretty light! I'm now about 1-2 shades lighter and I definitely have less red tones in my hair now. My hair is more uneven, however I only have myself to blame from my uneven dye jobs which caused my hair to lighten unevenly too. I got Colour B4 for £6.99 but I have seen it for £11.99 so do shop around! Before purchasing this product, I did a little research and a lot of people said the product stank. I smelt Pack B and though "hmm, it's not that bad". Then I opened Part A to pour into Part B and my opinion immediately changed; people were not lying when they claimed it smelt like rotten eggs!! Part C, the buffering product smelt pretty nice but it did not wash out the eggy smelt fully. My hair did feel very squeaky clean during the rinse and buffering stage, which some people might find weird and dislike, but I personally quite liked it as it kind of reassured me the product was doing it's job. Asides from the smell, I'm very happy with the results Colour B4 has given me. I'm at a point which bleach would have taken me but my hair is still feels the same as it did originally due to the gradual lightening. My journey to lighter hair is working :D

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Did it's job in removing colour build up
- Hair felt squeaky clean whilst rinsing and buffering. Colour B4 may have removed product build up too?
- Hair is still in the same state as it was
- £6.99 to £11.99 is a pretty good price for the product considering the salon is a lot more

The Bad
- The smell. So bad. I used Colour B4 yesterday and the smell still lingers on me *shudders*
- Reminds you of your previous poor hair dye applications by revealing your hidden uneven hair colour
- Some may not like the ultra clean feeling when washing off the product

I can't recommend this product to everyone because there are so many factors that can effect hair colour. However, if you are like me with naturally dark hair, who feels the need to remove the colour build up from previous dye jobs so you can lighten your hair better in your next dye session; try it out :D

Thanks for joining me on another hair adventure~


  1. I love how your hair looks now, Jing-jing! *A* Your hair adventures are so fun (I love reading about it, because I'm too scared to do anything too drastic to my hair xD)

  2. That's great that it feels like it didn't damage your hair. I hate how the smell of hair dye sticks to me for several days after I dye my hair, so I probably wouldn't enjoy having the smell linger on me.

  3. your hair is such a gorgeous colour!

    from helen at

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  4. It's the worse when you hair gets damaged which is why I'm avoiding bleach! Definitely avoid this if you are really against smells. This product smells straight up nasty >_<

  5. Thanks Junjun c: Aww bless you! If you even do anything drastic let me be the first to know ;D


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