Friday, 15 August 2014

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h 1 Day Tattoo Review

Also known as the "K-Palette eyeliner". With such a long name, no wondering this much raved about product gets it's name shortened. I swear some make up brands give their products really long names just to be difficult!

Easy to use pen style with a fine brush applicator. Great for creating that perfect wing!

Can create thick and thin lines. The colour is pretty pigmented but I've seen better

Smudge test

Water test. It's bleeding...

Water wiped off. The thin line is completely gone

:: Thoughts ::

I've been using this liner on and off for maybe over a year now so I'm surprised it hasn't dried up on me yet! I like to switch between eyeliners and I have to admit, I don't reach for this one as much as my others. I don't like this eyeliner *hides*. There I said it! I've been avoiding making this review for so long because of that reason. I really wanted to rave about this liner like all the other bloggers out there. This liner has been compared to the Dolly Wink one by so many. However, if you look at my review for Dolly Wink and compare it to this review, K-Palette would definitely be the loser for me.

Everything this liner was meant to be; smudgeproof, waterproof, long lasting etc. Mine didn't have these qualities. Maybe I got a dud? I'll give K-Palette a point for the "stain" it leaves after the liner has been wet so it does have the "tattoo" element to it. However, this is on my hand, on my eyes its a different story. Even with primer there is a medium-high chance that the wing on my liner would disappear or smudge and leave no stain behind. Oh the times I've come home to find my eyeliner looking horrific. And it's not like I have oily eyelids! I don't have watery eyes either but when they do water it's pretty much always destroy my eyeliner. Using this liner is like a risk for me. My make up can look great at the start of the day but K-Palette does not guarantee it will look good when I come home.

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Liner is in the form of a pen so it's easy to use
- The brush is very fine so it's great for creating various looks with different strokes
- Hasn't dried up on my yet even though I've had it open for over a year
- Pretty pigmented

The Bad
- Not waterproof
- Not smudeproof
- Not long wearing
- If I did get a dud, there are duds out there

I'm afraid I'm going to be one of the rare people and not recommend this K-Palette eyeliner. Unfortunately the formula really let it down for me. I should really bin it after giving it so many chances but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm still waiting the formula to dry up and work better like some mascaras do. Still waiting.

What pen liners have you tried?


  1. I like felt-tip liners. Dum dum proof ;-) And I love how thin and precise this one looks!

  2. it basically doesn't do anything that it claims....i've never seen eyeliner that bad, how come it bleeds right away after being run through water. it's a japanese eyeliner and most japanese makeup company know what theyre doing, you probably got a dud!! /pats you

  3. Such a shame about the formula, good on you for the rigorous testing though! Just like a review should be ;)

  4. I like them too but I've yet to find one I am totally in love with :')

  5. Yes it's a Japanese eyeliner. It seems to work for everyone else so I'm quite convinced I got a dud :'D I would buy another one but with the fear of it being as bad as the one I currently own I might as well try out a liner from another brand lol

  6. I know right it's such a bummer!! And thank you! I can be quite nit picky when it comes to make up so I guess my posts sometimes reflect that xD

  7. Aww, it's a shame this formula didn't work as well for you! D: Mine was very comparable to the Dollywink one. ;u;

  8. I appreciate that you tested the product thoroughly. Great review~! <33

  9. This looks like a nice eyeliner, but I need a waterproof eyeliner, I tried the Dolly Wink Eyeliner, The Elf Pen Eyeliner (this is not a good eyeliner) The Powerproff Innisfree Eyeliner (very pigmented and very long lasting) the Holika Holika Magic Pen Eyeliner (very good too) and the best for me is the Dolly Wink Eyeliner. Thank you for your honest and excellent review!

  10. hmm thanks for the review! but yeah I think if you compare this and the DW one, the DW is better so just stick to it ^^ it's very pigmented and doesn't fade, in my experience at least! $600 Giveaway on my blog!

  11. Whaaaaat, I swear this is one of my friend's HG liquid liners?!?!? Damn, just shows how one product can be HG for one person, and a flop for another D:
    But yeah, it's definitely not as pigmented liquid liner I've seen, which is weird because liquid liners are supposed to be ~INTENSE~, yo. Have you tried putting a primer underneath?

  12. so sad that it doesn't work for you
    great review !
    usually hand swatch and when you wear it on your eyes has different story
    its great that you give your experience when you wear it

    anyway would you mind if we follow each other ?
    i've already followed you



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