Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Liebster Award

Hey guys! Real life events have made me slightly least motivated to blog so I'm sorry for not being very active recently! Lucky I was nominated by Belinda to do the Liebster Award which I hope will help me get my motivation back. I've actually done the Liebster Award years ago but I think I've grown a bit as a person so I thought why not do it again! Hopefully I can come up with some brand new facts today.

:: Eleven current facts about Jing-Jing ::

Ironically this isn't a current selfie #ihavenorecentselfies #dontwanttorecyclephotos #throwback

1. I am moving in with my boyfriend in London in a matter of days which I'm pretty excited about! More opportunities plus my best friends ditched me (just kidding) to live there too so it's going to be just like old times once I get there!

2. I currently live in and will be moving out of Norfolk. I have lived here my whole live minus the three years I was at university. Where I come from is pretty rural so it can get pretty boring for a young adult like me

3. I have not graduated from university yet even though I finished months ago. My uni's graduation isn't until January 2015 which I am a little annoyed about. A lot of my friends have recently graduated. I want to graduate too!!

4. Since finishing uni I have been job hunting for over three months and finally got called for an interview a few days ago. I know I haven't got the job yet but to get a response after so long has made me super happy!

5. I have been planning a little business project during my months of no work. I don't know if I'm ever going to go through with it. Depends how life goes but I sort of I hope I do so my research isn't wasted! Maybe one day you'll hear about it on this blog...

6. I mentioned in one of my last tags I was pretty conscious about my teeth. I'm hoping to get Invisalign (invisible braces) and maybe getting them very soon. Straight teeth here I come!

7. I am going back to Hong Kong in December and haven't seen some of my relatives for two years! My family always try to do some sort of holidayception and we're thinking of going to Japan.

8. For some reason, I have really been enjoying egg sandwiches lately. Omelette sandwiches to be exact. I only like my eggs when the yolk and white is mixed together. Boiled egg? No thanks.

9. I've recently become quite into fitness. I want to be more toned and sweat away the fat! I used to be quite sporty but unfortunately my stamina currently sucks. It's improved a little but I still have a long way to go. MUST FIGHT!

10. Jing-Jing isn't actually my real name *gasp*. If you google my real name, which is pretty unique, I'm very easy to find. My Facebook page is the first link in the results and I want to keep my private life separate from my internet presence

11. I am very prone to typos and have to proof read things I type several times! I am the worse when I text haha

Hope these facts weren't too boring! I used my more fun ones in my older tags which you can see herehere and here if you want to know what younger Jing-Jing was like. To be honest I haven't changed much!

:: Belinda's questions ::

Fashion or makeup
Ahh this is hard! I get fashion because I prefer shopping for clothes. Just by a little bit though.

How do you hold yourself from splurging too much money
I'd like to think I'm actually pretty good with my money! I usually ask myself "do I really need it" and "do I already have something like this". Most of the time, I don't need or I do have something similar to whatever I want to buy! However, I am just another girl that likes to shop and there are some things I can't pass off and end up buying :'D

Favorite food
I love food too much to pick! It depends on how I'm feeling. I like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Italian food if that helps. Right now I'm looking forward to my egg sandwich though...

If you had to choose one makeup
Mascara all the way! I've read you can double it up as eyeliner too :P

Fashion essentials
Can I pick more than one? I'm going to anyway. My absolute essentials are a cute dress, pair of nice fitted jeans, basic top, blazer, jumper, leggings one pair of casual shoes and a pair of heels. This was a hard question!

One fact about you
But I've just shared eleven already *struggles*. My 12th fact is that I'm currently watched Cardcaptor Sakura again. Ahh them nostalgic feels.

Favorite youtube beauty guru
Not really your typical beauty gurus but probably Klairedelys and CloudyApples. I don't really like watching a lot of beauty/fashion gurus now because I feel it's all the same nowadays...gosh I sound old...

One product you really regret buying
Tony Moly Cat's Wink Mascara. So excited to try it, so disappointed.

Heels or wedges or flat shoes or sneakers
Shoes are my weakness! It really depends on the occasion so I can't decide!

I'm really not that interesting but I hope you enjoyed reading a few facts about me!
Tell me a random fact about yourself in the comments :D


  1. thanks for answering!! <3 ah i hope you will get accepted very soon! why would your uni delay your graduation omg :( i just read your review on the mascara oMG I HATE MASCARA THAT DOESNT HOLD MY CURL AS WELL!!! curling eyelashes is such a torture to do :< i always do that method tbh like "do i need it" then i think about it for the next 2 days like literally lol

  2. Great to know more about you on this type of blog post! I wish all th best on your job hunting and i know good news is around the corner! Goodluck ;)

  3. That's nice to hear you and your boyfriend are moving
    in together c: I have my fingers crossed for the job
    interview! Thanks for sharing your facts as well! Xx

  4. Really interesting facts - good luck with the move! I lived in London for 3 years for uni and I miss it so much :( Kind of intrigued by fact #5 so I hope we do get to hear about it! And also MAJORLY jealous about the potential trip to Japan, you have no idea, I'm such an otaku, I'd literally kill someone to go there (maybe not literally but I would seriously consider it) hahah!

    Alexandra ♡

  5. Egg sandwiches are seriously so good! In fact, I'm actually enjoying one right now, haha. Seriously!

  6. SELFIE GAME WAS STRONG IN THAT PHOTO THOUGH. I am so jealous that you'll be living in London; there's always something to do there + the architecture is amazing! (Also jels that you're going to Hong Kong BUT Y'KNOW, JUS LIVIN THE DREAM LIFE)
    Hope you get the job! Job hunting is so depressing and so stressful, ugh.
    And, I also kinda feel the same about some of these YT 'gurus'

  7. Happy you found it interesting :)

  8. And thank you for nominating me :D Mascaras that fail to hold curls are my biggest hate in the beauty world! To see all your efforts you put into curling your lashes in the first place just disappear is so annoying!!

  9. These types of posts are always fun to read because you get to find out more about the person behind the blog ^^ Glad you enjoyed reading mine and thanks for the wishes!

  10. Thanks you for the kind words c:

  11. Come back to London! It's the place to be ;D I hope you get to visit Japan one day in the future but please, don't kill anyone hahaha!!

  12. High five for loving egg sandwiches! There's so simple to make but so tasty hehee

  13. LMAOOO!! Yeah that's another reason I forgot to mention about my move; there's just so much to do in the city! Thanks for the wishes too! I'm definitely gonna need this job in order to fund my new life in London haha. And ahh yes..."gurus"...I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way :P

  14. Emi Doll (恵美)6 September 2014 at 19:26

    Sweet ^^

    I'm also prone to typo's and OCD about re reading everything again and again XD

    恵美より ♥


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