Monday, 11 August 2014

Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige Review

And the hair adventure continues! I've been wanting to try Liese for ageeees and I finally got to this week...

A total of 100ml of product

Hallelujah a decent pair of gloves!

So foamy compared to the Garnier Foam Dye I tried

Colour Chart

I think the model's result is from when you dye darker hair. I'd say my hair was in the middle of light and very light but not as red. The dye seems to be pretty ashy to be able to cancel out all those red tones. Let's see if it prevents me from going ginger!



Side by side comparison

I couldn't sit in my usual "control seat" because of the stormy weather the past few days. There was no good lighting what so ever! However, both pictures were taken in the same room (one nearer the window for better light) so there is some sort of fairness.

:: Thoughts ::

I was convinced my hair had gone a lot darker at first but now looking at the comparison, I've probably just gone ash. The model's hair confused me! However I can't blame her though because her result may have been accurate for others. Also to be fair, the predictions on the side of the box were somewhat accurate. This dye is not lying when they show that there will be no red/orange tones and I love it for that! My unwanted gingerness is gone which I'm so happy about because ash tones suited me so much better in my opinion. The dye also successfully lightened my roots to match the rest of my hair colour.

As soon as I saw the gloves for Liese's dye my face lit up. I dislike the plastic-bag-like type gloves that comes with most dyes so to finally see a pair of good quality gloves included made me smile. No more ill fitted gloves that makes applying hair dye hardly than it should be! It's the little things make the difference. The bottle included was also good; you just squeeze it and the foam is dispensed. No need to fuss about with a pump! This again is another little thing that has made a big difference. These little things have made Liese go straight in my good books by making it so much easier to use than other dyes.

The dye itself was also as good as the ergonomics of the kit. To mix the dye all you need to do is tilt it back and forth a few times so you won't get a dead arm from shaking. The foam seemed to be endless and saturated my hair nicely which ensured the application was even. It was very dense and full of bubbles which was probably what made it go such a long way! The dense foam also meant no dye dripping or running so there was no mess at all when I was dying my hair. Finally, the smell! I'm not sure if I'm just immune to the "hair dye smell" but this has got to one of the best smelling hair dyes I've used! I always struggle to describe smells but it did not smell like chemicals at all. Just smelt....girly? The conditioner included in the kit smelt just as wonderful and left my hair feeling extra silky smooth.

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Decent gloves which fit my hand
- No need to shake for 30+ seconds to mix. Just tilt a few times
- The bottle makes dispensing the foam very easy
- The foam is very dense so there was no mess
- Even application as it fully saturated my hair in dye
- Roots were lightened successfully to match the rest of my hair
- Smells soooooo divine

The Bad
- Model's hair and colour chart is not the most accurate for my hair
- Application may take longer than other dyes because the foam was endless!

I've been impressed the the way Liese has impressed me is on another level! I will definitely be trying out more of their colours in the future. It's probably the best brand of dye I've tried out so far in terms of how easy and fuss-free it is to use. My only warning to those who want to try Liese is that the colour predictions may not be accurate depending on your hair. Then again, not a lot of them are as there are so many factors that can affect the results!


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  2. You're right! This color suits you so much better than the other one^^ I have the same problem too. I hate it when my hair lightens to a coppery color.

  3. Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to try Liese too! >u<
    Loving the color on you! It's so gorgeous~

  4. Ash tones are always the best :D !

  5. i love hair colors with ash undertones! it looks so natural and well, looks better than the ones with orange undertones i think. my friend use the etude house bubble hair color and her hair doesn't turn out so good, the color is most vibrant around her roots o_o honestly that makes me think twice before purchasing bubble hair color lol. I've just graduated high school which means now i'm free to dye my hair (but maybe later bc everyone who just graduated like me dyed their hair as well so i'm waiting a little longer lmao) i've never heard of liese (is that sad) i don't know if they sell it here ._. but if i checked around the drugstores and they sell them, i would totaly get the platinum beige one!

    i have no intention to spam you but youre tagged hehe :>

  6. It actually took away a lot of the brassyness! I tried getting an ash color and loved it but it somehow faded -.- Now I have purple and red hair LOL

  7. Love the color!


  8. Thank you! I think if you have dark hair to begin with, going a coppery colour will almost always happen when you're going lighter unfortunately ^^"

  9. Liese is really awesome! I want to try more colours!! And thanks c:

  10. I know right! Ash is the way to go :D

  11. Thank you! Aww no I'm sorry to heard that about your friend >_< I've had the problem in the past too and have found that if you work from the bottom layers first then to the top, the colour will be more even! Something to do with your head having more heat at the top so the colour will develop quicker that the rest of your head. I think Liese is sometimes known as "Prettia" so you might wanna look out for that name too if you're gonna look for the dye :)

    Thanks for the nomination btw! I've actually done the liester tag before so I might struggle to think of more facts :'D

  12. oh thanks for the tips!! definitely gonna tell my friend after this lol bc her hair is really......a mess atm


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