Thursday, 18 September 2014

Muji Face Lotion Sheets (Compressed Face Masks)

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA once again. My reason is that I've finally moved to London and got the job I was talking about in my last post!! Thanks for the all kind words and wishes guys! I'm still adjusting to everything at the moment but hopefully I will start blogging more regularly soon. My list of to-do posts has been growing due to my inactivity but for now, let's jump straight into these Muji masks.

I got this package of five for £1.50. They kind of look like tablets don't they?

The back. Instructions are in Japanese and the illustration shows what the mask looks like

I bought these on a whim because I've seen something similar online. Some people may get a little confused though with how these masks work if they have never seen such a thing. On Muji's site the product comes under "Compressed Face Mask" which makes most sense than "Face Lotion Sheets" because that's what these tablet-like things are; compressed face masks! To use the masks, simply add whatever lotion you want to it, let the mask absorb and get saturated and then put it on your face like a regular sheet mask. You can even use these masks for DIY! I did a coffee mask to get some caffeine goodness for my skin so here's a mini tutorial.

Items needed: Instant Coffee, Compressed Masks, Bowl, Spoon and Water (not showed)

Step 1. Mix instant coffee with water until nearly dissolved. Don't worry about it being too strong. This can be changed later

Step 2. Microwave the mixture for 20-30 seconds to heat it up so the coffee can dissolve even more. Note: Do not leave you spoon with the mixture. Especially if it's metal!!

Step 3. Add water to lower the temperature of the mixture to avoid burning yourself when having the mask on. At this point you can also adjust the strength of the mixture to your liking

Step 4. Get the Muji compressed mask out of the package. Due to the package-ception, remove from second package.

Step 5. Drop the compressed mask into the mixture and watch in awe whilst the mask grows. Magical. You now have a sheet mask! Once it's saturated, pop it on your face and enjoy!

What the face mask looks like when it's not compressed anymore

Weave-like texture. For exfoliation? To absorb your lotion/DIY mixture better? I'm not entirely sure what the purpose is but I thought I'd note it down

I was actually planning to do a review on these when I bought them. However, when I got to actually writing this post, I realised it would be more of a show-and-tell of how the masks work. I think how good it works depends on lotion or mixture you add to it. My coffee mixture was a bit of a dud to be honest. I didn't really feel like my skin improved and the smell was a little overwhelming. I'll make sure to dilute the coffee mixture more next time. Maybe adding some honey for more skincare benefits? The world of DIY masks seems limitless!

To conclude this post, I feel that these Muji face masks are a fun cheap thrill for any beauty enthusiasts. Using the mask can be as simple as adding in your favourite lotion, or you can make it more fun and experience with some DIY mixtures.

What DIY mixture would you try with this mask? I might give green tea a go in the future :)


  1. OMG WOWWWWW!! call me a dorky but this is the most amazing thing ever!!!! lol
    I have never seen this one before, OMG thank you Jing Jing for the tips! I hope our local MUJI stock this magic thing so I will be able to do some DIY ^^


  3. nice! That is so weird, but it looks effective and fun ahahah

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