Thursday, 20 November 2014

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner Review

Hello guys! Today I will be reviewing this "push up" liner from Benefit that seemed to be the talk of the beauty world when it was released. I got a sample of it from the current issue of Elle UK if anybody wants to try it out too. I'd also like to quickly apologise for my absence. That thing called "life" got busy and took over. I hold my hands up and admit it, I neglected this blog! Still unsure if I will be able to post regularly yet but I'm grateful for those of you who have stuck around. Anyway, let's not stray too far from this review and get back on topic!

Compared to the regular sized K-Palette liner, this sample is tiny! (So cute!)

"To use: Gently squeeze base of tip to "push up" gel liner to tip. Slowly glide tip along lashline."

Closer look at the tip. It's made out of silicone, a flexible type of plastic

Swatch. It's quite easy to draw with and the silicone makes it easy to create flicks.

Smudge and rub test. I applied quite a lot of pressure and it held up pretty well!

Water test. A tiny bit flaked off but no biggy

The lined after being dried off. I patted and rubbed it but it's still going strong!

:: Thoughts ::

The swatches make the liner look pretty promising doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's a different story when you are applying it to the eye area. I think part of it was to do with mine being sample-sized; the tiny size made it hard to control and hold when lining my eyes. The sample size also differed from the full sized liner in terms of how the formula is dispensed. Instead of twisting the bottom to push up the gel, you literally had to "push up" the gel like a toothpaste tube with the sample. Because the silicone carried on beyond the tip so you can squeeze out the liner, the pen bends and has no stability when applying the liner. This also causes the cap to not close properly too by pushing the cap up which I found quite amusing and ironic. Oh yeah, try not to grip the pen too hard unless you want to squeeze out more gel whilst you are in the middle of drawing that perfect wing! To put it simply, the sample version was a complete downgrade to the actual product. Benefit are doing a terrible job if they wants the samples to draw people into buying the full sized product.

Although my bad experience was mainly because I got the sample version and not the actual product, it does not hidden the fact that the "innovative soft AccuFlex™ tip" is impractical. Yes, it was able to draw lines good on the back of my hand, but when it came to drawing around my eye with lashes getting in the way it was horrific! And Benefit claims that it would be easier to get closer to the lashes because of this plastic tip; my angled liner brush could've done a better job! If it did anything, the plastic tip made it feel like I was spreading my eyeliner with a bendy toothpick!

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Gel formula has amazing wear

The Bad
- Plastic applicator is a nightmare to use
- Sample version is a complete downgrade of the original and will put of off buying the real deal

Even though I do not recommend this liner, if you want to give this liner a fair chance I recommend trying the real thing. I have not used the proper version of the liner but judging by what I've seen in reviews and demos, the sample does it no justice whatsoever. I don't even know why Benefit bothered creating this sample! I think I'm gong to depot mine and use it with a brush because the formula is really something! Who knows, maybe Benefit will repackage this liner and release it in a pot liner one day. I can only hope.


  1. waw, this is interesting. I want to know how to that silicone tip works. it's pushing up the gel liner from the inside and we glide that tip on to eyelids?

  2. The silicone tip doesn't work in my opinion haha :'D
    I think it's meant to apply the gel liner like a brush but it was FAR from that!! But yes, the gel comes from the inside of the pen and out onto the tip. I forgot to take a picture of that so I'll try to edit it into this post later when I have time ^^"

  3. I am always jealous every time I see the magazine freebies in the UK.. We very rarely get things like that from our magazines T.T
    I've tried this eyeliner at the Benefit counter and was not impressed. Great that you got to try the mini version first.. It is so cute! >-<

  4. looks like a great idea of a new packaging liner
    but from several review that i read, include yours, i think i prefer my usual gel liner with my angel brush better haha
    isn't it ?


  5. looks like a great idea of a new packaging liner
    but from several review that i read, include yours, i think i prefer my usual gel liner with my angled brush better haha
    isn't it ?


  6. I think im sticking to my dolly wink liner :) thanks for sharing this

  7. As cute as the mini version is, it's totally impractical and nothing like the original product imo
    The reviews seem pretty mixed for this eyeliner so I'm not surprised you didn't like it either :\

  8. I agree that it's an interesting concept. If only it worked though haha
    I'm still sticking with my pot of gel liner and brush too!

  9. I agree that it's an interesting concept. If only it worked though haha
    I'm sticking with my pot of gel liner and brush too!

  10. I remember Dolly Wink pretty good when I used to have it! May have to repurchase it one day :)

  11. danniella josephine25 November 2014 at 21:03

    I have such mixed opinions on this, it's a good formula but the tip is horrible and I like to have a fine line with my eyeliner, and this makes them huuuuge! I might give the full size a go one day but it is quite expensive for me at the moment.

    Dannie x

  12. The formula's lovely but the tip is so horrendous isn't it?! Hope you have more luck with the full size version if you do try it in the future!!


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