Sunday, 23 November 2014

Food Diary: Photos that didn't make it on Instagram

Since moving to London I've been able to eat out a lot more. Because I'm a foodie, 99% of the time I will take a photo of my food before eating it. Yes I am that friend that's like "WAIT! I need to Instagram our food!!". The camera function on my phone is even usually on "square" mode just so I can get the composition perfect for Instagram.

However, as much as I love the photo-sharing platform, I am usually too hungry to edit, go through filters and upload on the spot. I don't want my food to get cold! I think to myself "I'll Instagram after I've eaten" but then I usually get too caught up with chatting; so I tell myself I'll do it when I get home. By the time I get home I probably have stuff I need to do or get distracted; so I tell myself that there's always #throwbackthursday. By the time Thursday comes I've completely forgotten I wanted to Instagram that meal. *sigh* #firstworldproblems right?

And thus, my collection of foodporn grows. It's grown to a point I need to delete them because I'm running out of space on my phone! I don't wanna spam Instagram so instead I'm going to make a post on my blog. Hope you enjoy! #nofilter by the way ;)

Carbonara - Prezzos

Chocolate Fudge Cake - Prezzos

Raspberry, Orange and Green Tea Fruit Booster Iced Drink...thing - Caffe Nero. This got discontinued apparently :(

Ramen - Suki

Asian Desserts - Blocks

Rainbow Macarons - Can't remember the store

Pho - Can't remember the name but it was in Shoreditch

Ice cream doughnut sandwich - Bird

Bibimbap before - Assa

Bibimbap after - Assa

Ramen again - Sasuke

Dim Sum - Can't remember the name but was in Leeds

Pancakes - Made my yours truly

Sunday Roast - Homemade as well

Cake and Mango and Passionfruit Fruit Iced Drink - Caffe Nero

Curry Udon - Taro

Ice Cream Dessert - House of Haagen-Dazs

Green Tea, Pistachio and Pomegranate Cupcake - Lola's

More Dim Sum - Imperial China

Hope nobody gets too hungry bwahaha!
Do you like Instagramming food?


  1. OMG Jing Jing!! you can't hope that nobody gets hungry after this post xD lol
    the chocolate fudge cake, donuts ice cream and all those dim sum... I just can't!
    I wish Berlin had more variety in terms of international authentic cuisines.. The Germans are not very adventurous with food :/

  2. Woaaah, looks soo yummy. You moved to Laandan?! Whaaat. That's amazing. For studying or work?!

  3. Sorry haha xD I'm sure Berlin has it's good points too though! I've love to visit one day. It looks like a beautiful city ^^

  4. Yeah I've been officially living and working here for nearly three months now :D I finished my studies in May but I'm still waiting to graduate >__<

  5. Aw they look so yummy!!


  6. ClothesandCamera2 December 2014 at 18:31

    Wow this is some serious food porn! And I really liked the post because I have some pics which never made it on Instagram myself, but that was mostly because of theire quality ;) As for the Hema beauty products: you should really give them a try, they did a great job for me!

  7. All of this looks amazing! I'd really go for some Korean bibimbap right about now

  8. Yeah...I had a lot of photos I didn't upload onto Instagram! Will defo be trying out Hema's stuff at some point. Their lipstick range is so tempting I'm surprised I have purchased anything from them yet!!

  9. OMG all this fooooodddd making me hungrryyyy

  10. Really nice quality #nofilter photos! :D What phone are you using?


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