Friday, 12 December 2014

Schwarzkopf Color Mask 550 Golden Brown Review

My hair lightening journey ended a couple months back when I decided to go dark for winter in time to see the family over in Hong Kong. I also want dark hair for my graduation. And so, the hair darkening journey began.

Decided to use Schwarzkopf again. I used an Asian Schwarzkopf dye last time I coloured my hair. Wanted to see how this one compared!

The content of the kit

Total of 120ml of product. A good amount for my medium length hair in my opinion!

Before mixing. To mix it you just pop the lid on and shake.

After mixing. Seems pretty combined to me. And kind of looking like burger sauce...



Before and After

:: Thoughts ::

Although I was going darker, judging by my roots this dye would be suitable for those who want to lighten there hair too! I'd said the colour results were pretty accurate (you can see this more in my full-face after shot) which was great as I didn't want to go too dark too quick. I also love the idea of having the dye in a pot instead of the traditional bottle. This allowed me to scoop out every last bit of the dye and in my opinion makes mixing the dye easier. If you struggled to shake up the dye to mix it, you could go at it again with a plastic spoon in the little pot. It's been a while since I used this dye so I can't remember if the "hair mask" aspect of the dye really worked. However, if I don't remember anything bad about it, I assume it did an alright job and didn't damage my hair!

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Blended roots with the rest of my hair
- Pot design meant that less product would be wasted and the dye can be mixed easier
- 120ml of product was plenty for all my hair
- Colour result is true to the model's hair

The Bad
- I can't think of any!

All in all, I feel Schwarzkopf Color Mask is a pretty good hair dye. It does it's job and didn't seem to do anything majorly bad that I'd remember and make me avoid the product again. I'd probably buy this dye again because the little pot design seems more ergonomic to me. It was great at darkening my hair, however I'm curious to see what the results are like when I go back to lightening my hair in the future.


  1. I recently used this hair dye as well, only in dark ashy brown and I am really happy with it ^^
    I even think the result is better than what I got from professional hair salon :D
    The one that you used was very impressive though, it is not easy to dye dark hair into light color :O

  2. The effect is gorgeous! it has nice seen too.

  3. the color is beautiful!! i love the result!

  4. Thanks! I really enjoyed having that colour too!

  5. High five on using the same hair dye :D Woah better than a professional salon?!
    I have to say, the colour did fade to a bit of a lighter colour after a few weeks but it was time to dye it darker anyway haha!


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