Monday, 19 January 2015

Graduation Outfit (some tips and a little story)

Some of you who follow me on Instagram may know that I finally had my graduation ceremony last week! It was a special moment for me so I wanted to share this moment on my blog as well.

Instagram photo for those who haven't seen it (follow me by clicking here? #shameless)

Another shot

Dress - H&M | Blazer - H&M | Heels - New Look

Better full length shot without me holding anything in front of me

Getting photos taken. It's so staged!! According to my brother I really look like someone out of Hogwarts here. I wish LOL

:: Things I learnt about graduation ceremonies. Quick fashion tips for future graduates ::

- Dress for the season. I wore a blazer because it was cold. Some of my friends who graduated in the summer say that wearing the gowns can be quite hot so take that into consideration if it's warm on your graduation
- Wear clothes and shoes that are smart yet comfortable. Shoes in particular! You don't want to trip when it's your turn to get your certificate ^^"
-If you're not confident in heels, practice before hand or maybe consider wedges. Also, you don't have to wear heels (unless it's part of the dress code). There were quite a number of girls in flats during my ceremony
- Bring hair grips incase your hat doesn't fit! (My friend actually suggested this to me but I completely forgot on the day)
- Bring some safety pins for your gown too. Graduation gowns are prone to slipping and sliding
- Don't bothering pinning everything into place if your about to get photos taken! Photographers may take all your hair grips and pins off. All that effort will be lost :'D Don't worry though, the photographers will style you to perfection if they do this so you'll still look good
- Most importantly, enjoy the day, be proud and smile :D

:: More photos ::

With Mama and Papa Law

With the brother this time~

:: The Little Story of Mr Giraffe ::

What I got for graduation! Chocolates from my boyfriend's mum and Mr Giraffe is from my parents

The story of how I got Mr Giraffe is quite funny. His name is actually "Junglelove" which already is quite funny itself. The name "Junglelove" sounds a bit aggressive to me, which I don't think really suits his cute features so "Mr Giraffe" it will be. I'm not even sure if Mr Giraffe is a giraffe or a male but I'm going to call him Mr Giraffe anyway.

It was the day before graduation my parents called me to double check on the hotel arrangements. My brother and I were going to travel from London, and my parents were going to travel from home when they finished work at night. After everything was confirmed, my dad claims he has one more question.

"So, ugh...when to we give your graduation teddy?" (LOLOLOLOLOL)

I replied with something like "Haha dad, it's usually a surprise but anytime you want" to which I got the reply "Aiyah sorry!!" My parents aren't used to giving me gifts (it's usually red pockets or I used to pick something as a kid haha) so this whole gift giving thing was pretty new to them. I know my parents and had a feeling my teddy wasn't going to have a graduation cap like most graduation teddies, so I proceeded to asking my dad if it had a cap.

"No sorry, we didn't know where to find a teddy with a graduation cap...*proceeded to rant about how plushies are hard to find and aren't as cute as they are in Hong Kong*". We recently came back from a Hong Kong visit so I think dad still has a bit of holiday blues hehee.

Then came to the day of my graduation. I was presented my "teddy" in the most Asian way possible haha! It was when I had to find my family after the ceremony (student sat separately from the guests). Amongst the crowd, my mum pulls out of her handbag a plastic bag and hands it to me.


Now in my head I already had this imagine of a regular brown teddy bear when my dad was taking about this "teddy" on the phone. As you can tell, Mr Giraffe isn't the standard "teddy". As soon as I saw the bright pink I laughed! "Thank you. It's so cute and bright haha!". My mum then replied "I picked it because it's not only cute, but eye catching too!"

Bless my mum and dad! This it why I love them xD

Of course, I had to camwhore with the hat on!

Signing off this post with a selfie! See you in my next post c:


  1. Congratulations on graduating, Jing Jing! :'D
    Your parents are so cute - the story of MrGiraffe made me giggle. c:

  2. awwwww!! congratulations on graduating!!! YAYYY :D

  3. yay congratulations Jing-Jing!! you looked so happy on every picts! love your outfit as well :)
    We unfortunately don't have that kind of graduation ceremony here. We do it individually per person after the thesis defense, so no party or ceremony whatsoever :/ I always want to have that kind of ceremony but mine will only be a handshake with my professor, LOL.
    Anyway, congratulations once again :)

  4. Thank you Junjun! Yeah they are rather cute which makes me love them :'3

  5. Thanks Sheri!! It's pretty cool to be different :)

  6. Thanks Pammy ^_^ It's interesting to here how it's different in other countries! I was quite nervous when I had walk up to shake hands!! My hat was bobbing up and down because it was too big and I didn't want it to fall when I was on the stage LOOOL

  7. LOOKIN GOOD + Congrats on graduating!! I'm done school right now, but my ceremony is in the spring, so booo. (I mean, I don't even want to attend that because I don't want to sit around all day listening to 'motivational' and 'inspirational' words, + I never liked uni much anyways)

    My parents are terrible at gifts too. My 'Christmas gift' was left on my desk....on Boxing Day. I DON'T MIND, WE'RE AN AWKWARD FAMILY.


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