Tuesday, 27 January 2015

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Deep Cherry Brown Review

I've finally cleared the backlog of hair dye reviews I've had to do! This means I can finally work on my holiday posts in peace (I have something quite exciting up my slight tehee). Also, providing I don't dye my hair before my next dye post, I *should* be talking about my current colour. Today however, I'm not haha. Anyway, hope you enjoy this review of John Frieda's dye.

This has been on my to-try list for a while because I do prefer foam dyes

I chose a red toned dye because this was during the time I was on my hair darkening journey. My theory with going dark is that I need to pump red tones I've taken out when lightening my hair. The red tone, although most of it will fade, will give me a better base colour for my future darker dye. I have no idea if this is true so don't quote me on this. I'm not a pro ^^"

Opening the box, it really reminded me of a Liese set

Only 80ml of product... but it's a foam so hopefully it'll be ok...

The foam and gloves. Love it when the gloves included are good quality!

Before. My roots were beyond dirtyyy

After. Matching clean roots!

Before and After (After was actually taken after 1-2 washes)

:: Thoughts ::

This was just a Western version of Liese! I loved using Liese therefore I also loved using this dye by John Frieda. I was a bit sceptical to see there was only 80ml of dye but it was more than enough to cover my head. When dispensing foam dyes, it can take forever...which is good! Another concern I had was if the dye didn't lighten/dye my roots; I didn't want to sport a black roots with red hair look! I was very pleased that this didn't happen, and the dye successfully matched my roots with my lighter hair colour seamlessly. All in all, I really like this dye! The only downside was the red colour fading but everyone who's gone red knows that red is hard to maintain. However, the fading was even which was a plus and my hair did end up a slightly more red version of what I had before. This was what I was going for so that's a win in my book :)

Faded. It's still quite a nice colour in my opinion

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- The foam! Easy to use, less mess, has more coverage. Foam dyes all the way!
- Enough dye to cover my entire head
- Matched my roots with my hair
- Included good quality gloves

The Bad
- Dye faded to a less vibrant colour (but that's expected from red dyes)
- Having only 80ml of product may not be a concern to me, but it may be for those with longer hair
- This dye is one of the more pricey ones when it comes to home dyes

I would totally recommend this dye to other hair dye enthusiasts. For those who want to try Liese but have difficulty getting hold of it, John Frieda is a great alternative!


  1. love the color!! have u tried the feria red line? you might prefer that one!!

    Ore :)
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  2. Thank you! And yes I have in the past! I do enjoy the Feria line so I might have to revisit them one day :)

  3. No problem!! Year I keep going back to the feria line after I try other reds its my fave hair dye brand!

  4. Foam colors are the best! They are all I use anymore, though I use Garnier for a specific dark brown. The after effect came out lovely!

  5. 1. i love that brand of hair dye. it's what i use.
    2. that color looks soooooo good on you!

  6. Love the colour on you!!

    Hope you can follow me back :)

  7. The result is very pretty dear.


  8. Thankyouuu! Oh yeah you're are hairdresser aren't you!! Tell me some some of your hair secrets ;D

  9. I seems to gravitate towards foam dyes more too!! I've used the Garner foam dye too and from what I remember it was pretty good. One thing I remember is it being very nourishing!

  10. 1. I love it too! Can see myself repurchasing in the future
    2. Thank you ^^

  11. Thanks! Will have to pop by your blog and have a read :)

  12. ClothesandCamera18 March 2015 at 07:56

    Really nice result, suits you so well!


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