Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Clairol Nice 'n Easy No Ammonia Dark Brown Review

Hello~ I finally replaced my laptop charger so I can get back to blogging again! I'm so behind and have got so much to write about (@__@") Anyway, today's post will be a hair dye review.

The reason I picked this dye was because it "lasts up to 24 shampoos"

This dye was the last one for my hair darkening journey because it was the dye I used just a few days before my graduation ceremony. The reason I wanted to go darker in the first place was because of graduation. Can't have anything too crazy in the photos I'd be sending back to my grandparents! I'd already planned to go lighter again for the summer so I wanted something non-permanent that would wash out.

The dye would come up to a total of 120ml which is more than some dyes

Content. It's similar to what you get in Nice 'n Easy's Permanent dye. The conditioner isn't in a tube though :'D

The result. I forgot to take a photo of my roots but it's the dye pretty much matched my natural hair colour!

Bit uneven though but you can't really notice it until it's in direct light

My previous hair colour versus a few days after colouring (sorry they're not in the same lighting ^^")

:: Thoughts ::

I definitely missed my foam dyes as this one was a traditional standard one. I've only myself to blame for the slightly patchy result but if this dye was a foam one it wouldn't have happened. Still I give it to Clairol for helping me get back my natural hair colour. However, the one thing I really wanted this dye to do, it did not do it. That was for the colour to fade and wash out.

Photos of my hair from just three days ago

The main reason I opted for this dye was because I was led to believe it would fade significantly after "24 shampoos". In direct sunlight, you can tell it's washed out a bit but it's nowhere near to what my hair looked like before. And if you looked at the photo on the left, if I didn't tell you I dyed my hair that colour, it looks like virgin hair. My initial aim was to get my hair back to it's virgin colour, but why does it still look like that after 2 months when the colours meant to wash out?! I'm pretty sure I've washed my hair more than 24 times! Maybe I misunderstood the real meaning of "lasts up to 24 shampoos" but this has made my hair lightening journey harder :'D

:: TL;DR ::

The Good
- Achieved the colour I was looking for
- No ammonia so it didn't have as much of a "hair dye smell"
- Long lasting colour results. It does last for 24 shampoos as claimed
- Affordable. Nice 'n Easy dyes are regularly on offer

The Bad
- Application is not as easy and thorough as foam dyes
- "Lasts up to 24 shampoos" can be misleading. This is not a non-permanent dye (which was what I was looking for)

My final thought is that this is actually a good hair dye, however, it didn't do what I was expecting it to do. When the time comes for me to go back to my natural hair colour permanently, this is the dye I will use as it's a good match for me and the colour hardly washes out. However, for those of you looking for a temporary dye, this is not the dye you are looking for!


  1. Oh very cute the new color of your hair

  2. Thank you! But my hair is a different colour now xD


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