Sunday, 3 May 2015

Blog Swap with Pam (Jade in the Palace)

*Note* First paragraph is going to be me rambling about what's happened recently in life. Feel free to scroll past if you want to get straight into my blog swap :)

Hello blog world! I want to quickly apologise for the inconsistency of my posts. A lot of stuff has been happening to my life outside the internet. This Monday I finally stepped into the world of full time employment! Before getting this job I was working part time in retail/sales which I really wanted to get out of so I was constantly looking for a new job. I was really stressed from all this job hunting but that stress was increased when my last job pretty much told me I was being made redundant!! Moving onto something happier though, a positive reason for my absence in blogging is I've taken up working out regularly which I've stuck to pretty well. I say "pretty well" because things sort of went downhill when I found out I potentially could've ended up unemployed but I'm slowly getting back on track :'D Now that things are finally falling into place I hope I'll be blogging more regularly like I used to. I've honestly not had the motivation for the past months, because every time I went on my laptop to do anything other than looking for a job, I felt guilty. But now I don't need to job hunt anymore \(^o^)/

About a month ago I did a blog swap with Pam from Jade in the Palace. This swap has a bit of a back story because it wasn't even supposed to be a swap! Pam had won a giveaway I hosted ages ago but we encountered a lot of trouble sending the prize (very long story!) so she never received it :( Fast forward some months I decided to try sending Pam another package because it never felt right that she won my giveaway but didn't get anything in return. Pam being so lovely decided to turn things into a swap! This is what I got ^^

Pam really spoilt me ^///^