Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hair Diary: DIY Black Hair to Blonde

Woah blogworld! Long time no speak! Whilst I was absent, I did it guys! I managed to get my black hair to a blonde colour by myself :D

Spot the difference

Last year when I was lightening my hair I only used dyes so I never hit blonde. Unfortunately to get blonde hair from a dark colour, you will probably need to us bleach at some point. So this time round that's what I did; plus this method would lighten my hair quicker. To make it less damaging, I used a method called "bleach bathing" which is when you dilute the bleach with shampoo to make it less harsh. Towards the end of my hair lightening journey though, I did start using just bleach because I was getting sick of being different shades of ginger. So yeah, that a quick summary of what I did! I took pictures of each stage I was at so in this post I will be showing you just that. Hopefully it will help somebody out there who's considering to go blonde!

[Note] Before I begin I'd like to state I am not a professional! Dying and bleaching my own hair is like a hobby for me. Most of my research is from YouTube videos, reading other people's experiences on blogs and forums, and my own trials and errors. Please take my post like a grain of salt ( ^_^")