Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hair Diary: DIY Black Hair to Blonde

Woah blogworld! Long time no speak! Whilst I was absent, I did it guys! I managed to get my black hair to a blonde colour by myself :D

Spot the difference

Last year when I was lightening my hair I only used dyes so I never hit blonde. Unfortunately to get blonde hair from a dark colour, you will probably need to us bleach at some point. So this time round that's what I did; plus this method would lighten my hair quicker. To make it less damaging, I used a method called "bleach bathing" which is when you dilute the bleach with shampoo to make it less harsh. Towards the end of my hair lightening journey though, I did start using just bleach because I was getting sick of being different shades of ginger. So yeah, that a quick summary of what I did! I took pictures of each stage I was at so in this post I will be showing you just that. Hopefully it will help somebody out there who's considering to go blonde!

[Note] Before I begin I'd like to state I am not a professional! Dying and bleaching my own hair is like a hobby for me. Most of my research is from YouTube videos, reading other people's experiences on blogs and forums, and my own trials and errors. Please take my post like a grain of salt ( ^_^")

10th March - Stripping Hair Dye

Before I did any bleaching, I used a colour stripper to get rid off all the hair dye that I could from my hair first because I wasn't working with virgin hair. I used Colour B4 (you can check out my review here). My hair went from black to a red-brown colour.

20th March - The First Bleach Bath

Even though it was diluted, I was quite nervous putting bleach on my hair again. I totally turned my hair to hay when I bleach my hair in my teenage years. To be fair though, I got my hair from black to blonde in two days with two bleach sessions!! My mixture was pretty diluted but some you can see that it did lighten a bit. It was still healthy too!

29th March - The Second Bleach Bath

I waited a week and did the same mixture. Hair was lighter and still healthy! It looks a bit fluffy in the photo because it's dirty hair and I don't think I let it dry properly and slept with it semi wet.

1st April - The Third Bleach Bath

Same mixture was used. "Aw man I'm ginger" was my thought at the time. I knew this "ginger stage" was going to be hard to get out off so the next time I was going to bleach it I already knew I was going it make a stronger mixture. So I dyed it to a more tamed ginger colour to give my hair a rest. Bleaching three times weekly had may my hair feel dry. I wanted it to be strong before I bleach it again.

22nd April - Faded Hair

I'm not uploading the photo of my hair after dying it because I want to save it for a review post (^^") But yeah, this is the colour of my hair after the dye had faded after 3 weeks. The dye had slightly lifted my hair a little making me more ginger when the colour faded...

23rd April - Bleaching with 30 vol

"Crap I'm REALLY ginger" was my reaction. And I though I couldn't go anymore orange! As I mentioned before, I decided to use a stronger mixture because I'd dyed over my hair so that would've needed lifting. I could not stand this colour so ironically, I dyed over it. My hair was also ruined by the stronger mixture so it needed a break. I refused to leave my hair this colour during my break! It made the redness on my face look more red!! I was also starting my new job around this time so I really was not having this colour!!! Can you tell I hated my hair?!

24th April - Ash ash ash

I used the most ashy dye I could find to save my hair and this was the result. The colour's kind of patchy...more on that when I get to doing the review ;)

26th May - Bleaching with 30 vol (again)

I did full bleach again since I had dyed my hair. But this time I added an extra step and my hair didn't get damaged as much!! I smothered my hair in coconut oil before applying the bleach which really helped. I wish I'd read about this tip sooner! My hair was a ginger-blonde! It was quite nice. I was so close to blonde!! But then I screwed things up the next day :'D

27th May - Bleaching with 40 vol

The 30 vol I was using had ran out and I was eager to dye my hair the next day so I would be 100% blonde! I could only find 40 vol in the stores (was staying in my home town so I had no options to shop around). So I bleached my hair using 40 vol. Have bleaching it the previous day. I did the coconut oil thing again but it still probably wasn't the smartest idea to bleach my hair two days in a row. My hair didn't lift much but I was blonde...but my hair was fried and I looked like a super saiyan ( TT-TT ) Luckily there's something called "toner"....

27th May (same day) -  Toning with purple dye

Thank God for toner! You can buy toners or make your own by mixing purple dye and conditioner. I made my own because it's cheaper and it was an emergency because I had a meeting the next day! Toner like the name suggests tones your hair to a better colour. I'm not going to get into too much detail, but if you have yellow hair, you want to put in some purple tones back into your hair to make it a nicer blonde. Making your own toner also means you can deep condition your hair and say sorry for all the abuse you have put it through haha

26th June - Trim plus another bleach bath and tone session

This is how my hair looks now/when toner is washed out a little

One more bleach bath to get a bit more of the remaining gingerness out. I didn't want to do a full bleach because my hair was already pretty light (and damage). Of course I had tone it so brassiness it kept at bay. Now that my hair is at a colour I am quite happy with, I decided to trim the ends so it's more healthy looking. No more bleaching unless it's to touch up my roots! My focus is now to give my hair a lot of TLC, treating it with lots of masks and conditioning it well.

And that's my hair lightening journey! Feel free to ask any questions but bare in mind I am not a pro! I may not be as active as I used to be but I will try my best to answer them :)


  1. you make me miss my blonde hair now! ive been wanting to go back since october last year but I'm so indecisive

  2. Thank you! I remember you looked really good blonde so I'd say do it! Blondes have more fun ;)

  3. Blonde looks great on you!

  4. You look great with blonde hair!



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