Saturday, 9 January 2016

Hello 2016 (I'm Back!)

HELLO EVERYONE! Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed the festive season. Welcome to 2016!

New year. New diary.

So my last post was a little over 4 months ago. It was a pretty negative post. I announce I was going to be away from my blog for an unknown period of time because of health reasons. Well, I'm happy to announce that I'm ready to get back in the blogging game!

Quite a bit has happened to say the least since I last blogged. Here are a few snaps to show some highlights of what I've been up to towards the end of my 2015!

September Highlight: Learning Japanese

My boyfriend and I enrolled onto a Japanese course! One of our goals is to live in Japan for a year after we have completed our course. I've been to Japan twice but my vocabulary was limited to only a few word. I'd love to go back and be able to see more of Japan whilst experiencing living in a completely different country.

October Highlight: Halloween

I went out for Halloween. I really enjoy Halloween but this one was a little special for me. This Halloween was sort of a milestone for my recovery from my eczema and TSW. If you read my previous post you'll know I was affected quite badly to a point I couldn't even stay out after work because my skin would be so irritated by the end of the day. My make up also became pretty restricted because the eczema affected my face so bad, I probably shouldn't have even be wearing it in the first place. My self-esteem was at an all time low. However, I was in a much better condition for Halloween! It must've been about three months into my TSW then and my skin had improved so much. I was confident that night! My skin still isn't 100% back to normal but I was confident enough on Halloween to show my arms and legs again that were ruined by TSW. My face was now good enough to wear make up. I was even able to use latex for my Halloween make up and not have a reaction! I drank alcohol that night with no skin reactions, something that would've been poison to me during my initial days of TSW. Most importantly, I was free again and able to hang out with friends! Back then I would rush home when I finished work at 5:30pm to sort my skin out but on Halloween me and my friends partied away into the night!!

November Highlight: I met a fellow blogger!

I met Pam from Jade in the Palace! She's the first person I've ever met from the blogsphere so I was super excited when she told me she was in London! I finally could talk about make up in all it's glory with someone who understands the obsession haha. She's such a sweet girl and got me a few goodies! I had work on that day so we were only able to have a meal and chat for a few hours. I wish we could've hung out for longer!

December Highlight: Celebrations!

More photos and highlights for December because so much happened last month! Went home to see the family for Christmas and had a meal at my uncles house, exchanged gifts with friends and family and got some nice things, was surprised and taken to see Disney on Ice by the boyfriend on my birthday, and finally for New Year Eve I went to my friend's to count down whilst enjoying some good company and hot pot!

January Highlight: Invisalign

I know we are only one week into January but I had to add this one in: I finally got Invisalign!! I've been wanting to get them for the longest time. After saving up and going to several consultations to see what different clinics offered, I finally went through with the treatment in December. I couldn't collect my trays until last week due because of Christmas. I'm excited to see how my teeth will transform over the course of this year. Will probably blog about my process. New year, new teeth!

I also moved flats during the time I was away but I don't have any photos to show. It's currently quite messy so I don't want to take photos at the moment. My excuse is that I only came back to it this Monday after the holidays and had work the whole week so I haven't had time to unpack properly *hides*. Maybe I'll make a post about it in the future? My life seems a lot stable now so I'm excited to blog again! I have a few plans and idea I want to share. I also have quite a bit of backlog of posts from before I went on hiatus and when was away I still want to put out! Better late then never haha.

For some reason it people seem quite anti-new-years-resolution this year. I've not really set any either to be honest but I guess to reboot my blog would be one. Have you set any resolutions this year?

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