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Japanese Salon in London | Hayato London

New year. New hair. Last week I got my hair cut in time for Chinese New Year for a fresh start. I want to make a post dedicated to Hayato Salon because they have done wonderful things to my hair!

Their interiors is so nice!

Personalise note and drinks menu

When you order a drink, which is complimentary, it comes with shortbread and a sweet too. No photos of it because I didn't want to seem too rude taking a photo of everything aha...

One last cheeky photo. The mandatory im-about-to-get-a-haircut-mirror-selfie

Actually...I didn't get a haircut after this selfie. After washing your hair and getting a head massage at the sinks, you are then lead to your seat and offered another massage for the shoulders! I'm not sure how long it lasts for as I always lose track of time whenever I'm in Hayato's but the massage is relaxing beyond belief.

And now to reveal my new cut...


Bit to the side

Please excuse the slightly smudged lipstick but look at that bounce!

Before (I forgot to take a proper portrait shot so this will have to do ^^")

This was my second time getting my hair cut at Hayato and it very rare for me to go get a haircut from the same place twice. No hairdresser seemed to know how to cut my hair to how I want it unless I went back to Hong Kong! If I wasn't cutting it myself, I used to head to the cheapest place that I could find because I knew it was never going to turn out how I wanted. I've had bad haircuts, OK haircuts but never really a haircut that I was 100% satisfied with. However, that has now changed!

I think the reason why I have become a returning customer at Hayato because they're service is exceptional. I've hair two different stylists and both were very caring, asking questions to make sure they could get things right. The massages, personal tags and drinks service was the icing on the cake. On top of the service, the stylists' skills are the best I've seen, even topping the hairdressers in Hong Kong! Thinning scissors are my hair's enemy and the stylists at Hayato did not use them at all. I have no idea how to describe or what the technique is called, but the stylist were so careful and patient when doing this particular technique to thin my hair. At the end of the hair cut and styling the stylist also go the extra mile and very delicately remove the hairs off your face. No more leaving the salon and going back into the public looking like Chewbacca! My previous haircuts would probably last about 30 minutes; wash, cut, dry, then pay. It always used to feel like I was being rushed out the door as soon as I step into a salon but at Hayato I honestly do not know how long I am in their for. They don't rush and really do make an effort to ensure everything is perfect.

The only downside with Hayato Salon I can think of is that it is the most expensive salon I've been to. But then again, this girl used to just go as cheap as she could get until one day she though "OK, time to go to a proper salon and get a decent haircut. I am going to treat myself!". I have heard horror stories about people going to expensive salons and walking out with a bad haircut which made me very nervous at my first appointment. I felt like I had made a gamble with high stakes. Luckily, I got what I paid for at Hayato and have become a loyal customer. On the subject of loyalty, Hayato has a loyalty card scheme!

If anybody was wondering, I got my hair cut by Ryosuke and Maasa on my two visits. I recommend them both!

Asides from London, Hayato also has salons in other cities in the world too. I believe there's other salons in New York, Tokyo and Hakone. The salons in Japan are tourist friendly too! I found this out when I was talking to Maasa about my plans to live in Japan and worrying that I'l struggle to speak Japanese at a salon as I have not touched on that topic in my lessons yet. Well that's my haircuts sorted for when I live in Japan haha.

If you are curious about Hayato salon I highly recommend you check out their website (click here!) I feel like this may have come across as sponsored but I'm afraid not. If anything, I wish I was because they are now my favourite salon!

An that concludes my post about Hayato Salon. How often do you get a haircut? Any salon disaster stories?!

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